Thursday, July 12, 2012

like a kid again

visited Kaleidoscope today in crown center! i haven't been since i was a child on a field trip and going with my cousins a few times. this place is fun-filled and free, where you can get down on your crafts and be a kid again. nothin' can beat the puzzle making machine or the melted wax space room. i went with my mother, sister, and some of my cousins today. i'm going to use most of what i made to hang on and decorate clipboards on my wall with. after we finished at Kaleidoscope, we went to Sharidans ice cream for a snack (they had soy surprisely! so i got a carmel latte). 
i abosutly love the walk to crown center from my loft. the walk there was not so great, considering the heat of summer, but after it had rained the walk back was wonderful. there are so many cute spots i had never discovered before (and it takes just walking around to discover them) and i love Kansas City for that. i also love that we have rental bikes now! finally KC! i'll have to test one out sometime soon. 

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