Wednesday, January 30, 2013

sounds like hallelujah

(playing around with photoshop.) 

   Father Winter granted my wish... more snowy Midwestern days. There is always such a debate on liking snow: the con of driving and inconvenience, the pro of lovely views and a "winterish feel". The fact of the matter is I am in love with snow and I deal with the dreaded icy drives to school (which the morning was by far).
   One of my three classes was canceled today, which gave me some extra and needed time to do some early Valentine's day shopping on the Country Club Plaza. I bought my boyfriend a winter coat (which he is too much of a light layering man to own a thick one), which I gave to him as soon as I got home. So much for surprises?! I get too excited to give them at a later date.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

arrows of time

 (gloominess in the outside world.)  

   The weather of a season seems so had to define. In the Midwest  the rapid changes on temperature (from mid 70's to 20's tonight.. from rain to snow) have been so odd and made feelings of spring. The pouring rain always seem to align with the misplacing of my umbrella, the constant forgetting to buy a pair of rain boots, and having classes at opposite ends of my school's campus. Though it does bring peaceful sleep! 
  January seemed as normal; new year beginning excitement  dread/happiness of new semester courses... then gone in a flash. February is right around the bay and I am happy to say that I am excited for one of my favorite months. 
   Readers, what is your favorite month?

Friday, January 25, 2013

this must be the place

    As I am writing this post I am in the process of moving. You must be thinking wait..she just settled into her new house?! That is correct, I am not moving, but one of my closest friends is moving into my once was "craft room". She was looking for a place to move, and although my boyfriend and I were quite content with just us, we couldn't resist the idea of renting out a room (and now I get to have my morning coffee with my best friend!). I am moving my craft room into the dining room.. the dining room into the kitchen..etc. That has been my life today, well school and nannying also. Blah. Edit: no moving at this time! my boyfriend and I are keeping the house to ourselves. 
   This weekend will probably be filled with more moving of items, cleaning, and homework. Good news on the other hand, I was interviewed today for a local news magazine in Kansas City, Ink (which I will post the article on here, too!). I will be featured in their February 13th (just two days after my birthday) issue talking about my sense of style/my blog. Happy birthday to me I suppose! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

hello mr. rabbit (shop!): january update & sale

   Hello lovely readers! Just a quick pop in today to feature my favorite items from my updated shop this month. I am rather excited to be making more sales and closer to start taking my shop more seriously. I had so much fun photographing these looks. Also, big props to my best friend (who modeled these) for being such a babe and for letting me dress her up all these days. 
   Please, feel free to take a look around my shop! I will be offering a 25% off coupon code until the end of the month! The coupon code is RABBIT25. Happy etsy shopping! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

on your small shoulders

 (star light, star bright.)

   The feeling of only owning a fall color scheme of items is starting to come vividly obviously to me. If you look in my closet, the browns are starting to out way the pastels and the mustard is starting to cover up the baby hues. Is my wardrobe maturing?! I can't let that happen.
   Today was a brutally cold day in Kansas City. A must have for me is gloves, my hands seem to be so dry this winter. I have been increasing busier as I head in to my semester of school, but this evening I am adding many lovely items to my shop. Feel free to check them out later in the evening, or wait until tomorrow when I showcase my favorite pieces in a post!
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