Saturday, September 29, 2012

the renaissance

   today was the perfect fall day for the renaissance festival in kansas city! i haven't been in many years, so today was quite an adventure. i absolutely love everything about the renaissance area... the fashion, the mystical creatures (fairies, dragons, etc), royalty, and the whole environment feel. the festival was huge, and we ended up spending most of the day there exploring all around the little village. 
   i planned on making a "wood fairy" costume for this festival, but i would have never had enough time to make that! so, instead, i wore this dress i've had since i was 15 and always thought it was somewhat... ugly, but beautiful at the same time. i felt it fit in with the renaissance festival more than any of the other outfits of choice. maybe i'll be able to make a fairy outfit for next year's festival! or possibly work at it..hmmm. we'll see! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

oktoberfest, in missouri

the oktoberfest started today, in the downtown of my hometown. it was a bit crowded, but still had great food and caught up with a few people i hadn't met up with in awhile. the weather was perfect (i could have even worn a sweater with my outfit) and i got to wear this vintage dress that i bought at re-run's warehouse for only $10! it hadn't been warm enough since i bought it, it is quite thick fabric, because i bought it in the early summer! it was a piece i found in the 1940-1920's room and still in great condition.
i started my day off my spending it with my mother. we did some shopping and then she baked some cookies when we came home. i think i got my baking skills from her (and that's how i became interested it in!). i later met up with some friends at the festival and we had dinner at maggie's mexican restaurant  we walked a bit around, looked at some craft tents, and took a few photographs. i didn't manage to ride any of the rides, but many next year...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

painter in my pocket

the first official day of fall is here! i started my favorite time of the year with going to the plaza art fair. they mostly feature artists for out of town, but i spotted a few locals among the mist of white tents covering many blocks. many of the restaurants, located on the plaza, set up booths of different foods they serve (and some even not on the menu) for fast eating while at the fair. there is always a large crowd at this kansas city art fair, it was hard to make my way to the inside of the showing tents! no, i did not purchase any pieces of art (one day, when i graduate, i'll be able to buy art! ah, it was hard with all the pieces i fell in love with today), but i did find some new artists that i sincerely enjoyed gazing at their work.
my favorite collection i found was made by one girl, by lisa norris. she used clothing patterns in her work, it was so creative. iona handcrafted books were so beautiful. the books were leather bound and all the paper was handmade. i also loved the charm school dropout with pieces by aaron and sarah collier (not featured). i love the mixed media, texture, and collages they produced along with the vintage photographs in each piece of work.

Friday, September 21, 2012

alley ways and pay-phone calls

yay, for fridays and weekends! i went to my favorite coffee shop (and place of work!) Mudpie. they are the only vegan bakery and coffee shop in kansas city. my go-to drink is always a warm, cashew milk latte. treat of choice? this would be either the cheddar herb scone or lemon-coconut bundt cakes, but everything is wonderful here (no bias opnion, i swear! i've been going there since they opened up over a year ago). one, of my many, favorite things about fall is being able to get your coffee drink of choice warm instead of iced. you know when it's fall because of the first day it's cool enough for a hot drink! even though today was a warmer day than we've had in a while in kansas city, i still enjoyed some time with my latte on the patio and some school readings. 
my plans for the weekend have changed a little bit since i've updated. tomorrow i am planning to go to the plaza art fair, with my family, and then later in the evening to the drive-in to watch some new horror films and cuddle up in blankets. i had to go one last time before they were closed for the year. they are the most enjoyable when it gets chilly outside and you can bring warm drinks, jackets/blankets, and not be uncomfortably hot! 

readers, how do you tell when fall begins for you

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

bird's eye view

one of the best views in kansas city is right here, located at the WWI museum right behind the liberty memorial. this is such a classic spot for kansas city and i've never had photos taken of me here before, so i decided to go today. it's just a little walk from my loft (i even know a shortcut now too) and it is really relaxing to just sit.. and glaze at your city for a second out of your day. the sky was full of sunshine today, but the weather was still perfect. this is why i love the starting of fall.
i am super excited for my weekend plans. saturday i am going to a small city in central missouri with my best friend to go thrifting, explore, and probably get lost (maybe not even on mistake?). which this will be the first of the things to cross off on my fall to-do list! exciting things. i am normally wrapped up in school work during the week, so i am always planning and looking forward to the weekend. 

readers, where is your favorite view in your city? 

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