Friday, November 30, 2012

rose tinted spectacles

   i just received in my mail box, yesterday, my wonderful pair of firmoo glasses. i order this wayfarer style of frames. this online eyeglass shop is an affordable and stylist place for a next pair of glasses. i encourage to try out your next pair from here if you are a glasses wearer (or just for fashion). you can also get your first pair of glasses free, if you are a first time buyer! 

   hello weekend and hello dececmber! (almost!) it strained my mind that december starts tomorrow. although i have done a little bit of christmas shopping and some decorating, it's strange to say that 2012 has a month left in it. also, that my beloved season of fall is closely coming to an end. i am glad to say that i have successfully done many things i made lists to do in the fall: missouri town, many trips to the farmer's market, day trips, the renaissance festival, and the oktoberfest (just to list a few!). the only things i would love to add to this list would be to go apple picking and to an actual pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkins. but, there is always next year that will bring many more activities. 
   this weekend brings freedom from school... well the actual going to classes part, i still have much homework to be completed. this evening, i am meeting up with a few friends to go to a hookah bar/coffee shop, then tomorrow i will be going to the west bottoms for the first saturday of the month when all the vintage stores are open (as i did here). hopefully, i will be getting some of my christmas shopping done tomorrow. what is better than shopping local and small businesses for the holidays?! nothing! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the candle light

   yesterday evening, after i got off work, my boyfriend and i decided to experiment with nighttime photography. i grabbed a candle from our home, and we ventured to an alley way right in front of our loft building to take photos. i liked how a few of them turned out, but others were just too blurry to manage with. i always like a little blur in my photographs though; i prefer the grainy and imperfect style of shooting/photographs... which my readers have probably noticed. 

   oh, wednesdays. the middle of the week. my fullest day of classes has come to an end. i was late getting my self up this morning (hints the overly comfortable outfit with the leggings) and glad to be home drinking a warm homemade chai latte. i have gathered up some fabrics i have and plan to create two skirts i found on a blog here. i have not fully constructed any clothing in some time now, i have just been usually fitting an item from a thrift store or hemming dresses to a shorter length lately. 
   after my homework this evening, i plan to spend it sewing and planning the styling for my photo shoot for my etsy shop tomorrow. finally, i am placing more items in my shop! stay tuned for vintage pieces that will be for sale. 
   also, i have had the pleasure to be doing a guest posting over at the braided bandit today! please, check out her blog and my post about my hometown. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

guest post: the braided bandit

   hi hello, mr. rabbit readers! my name is hannah and i blog over at The Braided Bandit.  a little while ago lindsey asked me if I wanted to do a guest post about where i live and some favorite fall activities, and i thought that was such a good idea! originally from New Jersey, i now live in Boulder, Colorado, and absolutely love this town!  everybody is kind, healthy, and outdoorsy and the scenery is unbeatable! i chose to share a few snaps of one of my favorite parts of town, The Pearl Street Mall.

   not your typical "mall", Pearl Street is a outdoor cobblestone pedestrian-only street with adorable shops and restaurants.  there are so many amazing restaurants here that I do not even know where to begin, it really is a foodie paradise! on this particular fall day, i went to brunch at Snooze, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  i highly recommend the Pineapple Upside Pancakes for something sweet or Juan's Breakfast Taco's for something a little more savory.  as for coffee shops, you can find me at Ozo Coffee or Spruce Confections on a weekly basis! if you are ever in town, you need to try something fun from Ozo's extensive and creative list of mocha's! 

   when I am not stuffing myself full of delicious food and drink, Pearl Street is a great place for people watching and street performers too. you could probably spend hours just sitting on a bench watching the interesting people!  and while I don't usually do a lot of shopping on Pearl Street as its quickly filling up with more high end places, you can still find some fun second hand places like Goldmine Vintage and Buffalo Exchange.  i could go on and on about my favorites, but I will leave you with those for now! i hope everyone from the U.S. had a great holiday weekend with friends and family! and on your next break, i would highly encourage a trip to Boulder, Colorado for mountain scenery, friendly people, and delicious food!

xo Hannah
outfit details: Dress- for sale in my vintage shop here! // Sunglasses: BCBG // Shoes: thrifted // Collar Necklace: Ampris Loves on Etsy // Jacket: gift from mom

Monday, November 26, 2012

awaiting the snow

(making peanut butter banana smoothies. added ground flax seed for an extra fiber boost.) 

(making homemade chai concentrate. i mainly used this recipe here, but i used a "chai spice" tea i already had.)

   well, the weather changed drastically within this past week. there was hints of snowfall here in this midwest city. although it was not cold enough to stick, it was exciting to be out and around this. it was quite a chilly day for my first day back to classes from thanksgiving break. luckily  my first of my morning classes was canceled, which gave me more time to lounge around in the warmth. i believe no one wanted to come back from our break, including the teachers. i am counting down days to winter break from school, christmas, and winter activities i have in mind. 
   i experimented with a chai recipe, which for the most part, was a good first try. i made enough where a can still have a few more cups, since the weather is so cold i figured i would love some in the evening (the tea is decaffeinated ). i made a smoothie with some ripe bananas for an afternoon snack, i completely forgot how much i enjoy them. i am also a huge fan of peanut butter, so anything with that tastes wonderful to me. 
   readers, what are you favorite warm drinks for chilly days? 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

shine on harvest moon

(late breakfast consisting of a wheat bagel with "cream cheese" and soy blueberry yogurt) 

(christmas pine-cone candle, along with other holiday decorations) 

   my thanksgiving break has almost come to an end, only one more day left. since my sundays consist of working and homework, today was my last day of complete relaxation  i start my new job as a nanny, after school on the weekdays, next week. i also have finalized my enrollment for my next semester courses; these consist of environmental biology, educational psychology, philosophy, along with a few other courses. i am mainly excited for my semester after this spring, because it will be primarily all education classes. 
   on this saturday, i mostly stuck close to home; cleaned my loft, organized clothing i am taking to a clothing swap/my closet, took a walk around the liberty memorial, and laundry  i am currently reading the book i bought on black friday, and it is so interesting. anyone that has an interest in fashion designers, or elsa schiaparelli, should check it out. i think i am also going to try my hand at a making a homemade chai today. it is quite chilly, i could use a warm drink! 

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