Sunday, March 31, 2013

the velvet rabbit

(after Easter outings campfire with friends.) 

(dress/nightgown pull-over/belt/flats: thrifted, tights: target, bow: forever 21)

  Happy Easter everyone! Well, if you celebrate it (or just celebrate being with family and lots of bunny/candy/pastel things.. as I do!). I was so glad when the weather was over 60 degrees, I could wear a short-sleeved dress, and could be outside in the sun for lunch. I always have multiple family functions to go to on holidays, and this year my boyfriend and I went to two. This holiday wasn't as rushed to get to one place to the other, it was relaxing and calm. 
   My boyfriend and I celebrated our Easter last night, and today we went to my grandparents and then my parent's home. We had a lunch at my grandparents, then a breakfast for late lunch after. My sister and I are kids at heart, so we hunted for Easter eggs ourselves. I fully believe in never being "too old" for things, I plan to hunt for Easter eggs and baskets/make them for others until I have little ones to hide them for myself! Holidays like this make me wish I already had a classroom of my own to prepare all my fun little ideas for Kindergartners. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

return to innocence

 (photographing my friend Amy, for the upcoming "Inspirational People" post for April! Stay tuned!) 

(my Easter basket from my boyfriend, which is hidden behind our couch.) 

(sweater: from my mom's closet, dress/belt/flats/watch: thrifted, tights: target, pin: urban mining)

   I am currently located on my back porch because it is nightfall and the temperature did not drop dramatically because the sun is behind the clouds. Today really felt like spring: half rainy and gloomy,  half sunny and bright, taking walks about neighborhoods, and taking a quick stop for iced (yes, over ice!) coffee. I try my best to stick to outdoor activities when the season is right, and walk as many places as possible.  This type of weather makes me miss my old loft that was located closer to downtown, but having a backyard I suppose makes me for that. 
   I had a fairly typical Saturday this weekend. I made fine coffee from my french press, went to my newly found favorite thrift store, caught up with a friend visiting from Chicago, and caught up on a new read. I also spent a lot of my afternoon picking out little things for my boyfriend's Easter basket that we decided we would get each other this year. I love making new traditions, in the hope of keeping them year after year.

Friday, March 29, 2013

made at home: apple stamped skirt

   Stamping with fruits and veggies is hands down my favorite easy crafting thing. I love being able to pull out things from my kitchen and use them fabric, paper,  or anything else. The skirt that I stamped on was a very basic, and bland piece I got from a clothing swap, that I thought I needed to "jazz" up for spring. 

(I used the potato for another stamping project for myself!) 

Items you will need:
  • an apple, sliced in half
  • fabric paint (I used Speedball)
  • a thick paintbrush (or two)
  • newspaper/cardboard 

   I would strongly advise creating this on a non-carpet flooring (I dropped on paint on the carpet.. you get the picture!) I would also recommend to place cardboard in between the layers of clothing (as I only did on the second layer, mistakes make me learn for next time though!) I also let the first side of the skirt I stamped on dry overnight, then stamped the other side. Then, after all of the fabric paint is dry, iron on low heat!

   I hope everyone enjoyed this diy, and it has inspired you to create something of your own this weekend! Even the most simplest of projects can be the most fun. I am rather excited to wear this skirt more in the spring.
   Another announcement I decided I am going to do a "question and answer" video blog post during the upcoming week! My question for you, is what questions do you have for me? Feel free to leave your questions below in comments or send me an email: hellomrrabbitblog (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

silver blueberry

 ("sausage", potatoes, and coffee for a late started morning.) 

(snowy day cats peeking through windows, my Easter basket that I thrifted a few weeks back.) 

(hung my new wall decor I bought yesterday, in my bedroom.)

(coat: re-run's vintage, sweater/belt: thrifted, collared-shirt: old navy, skirt: gap, sweater tights: h&m, boots: payless, hat: from my penpal

   As if the actual "first day of spring" would ever mean anything in the Midwest  Another, much smaller, little snow storm came this way yesterday evening. I believe it's still been snowing on and off all day, and possibly getting more in the evening here. I hope this will be the last time I will have to shovel my driveway for quite awhile.
   My Sunday was a random jumble of sorts. I started my morning out with breakfast, coffee, and homework (the usual). My boyfriend and I began cleaning our house, and while doing the dishes he gashed his finger on a piece of broken glass. I ended up calling my parents because of not knowing exactly what to do (or if a hospital trip was needed), and they both ended up coming over and helping him with his wound (I am rather squeamish). Ah, I am so thankful to have parents who are always there to help, especially when it comes to those sorts of things. After that event, my boyfriend and I took the evening into a relaxing state.  I hope everyone had a less eventful Sunday than this one! (although, everything was perfectly fine in the end!).

Saturday, March 23, 2013

steal my sunshine

(the neatest little antique shop, Blackwell's Thrift Store.) 

 (some purchases from today.) 

 (coat/necklace/loafers: thrifted, dress: re-run's vintage, beret: h&m tights: target, tea-cup ring: red velvet shop

   Hello spring.. snow?! Welp, that's Missouri weather for you! Luckily, when I was running around town early in the afternoon, the snow was just lightly falling, now the trees and the snow are covered with a white layer. Oh, how I dream of picnics and spring sun-dresses and making homemade ice cream... I suppose those activities will just have to wait a little longer, until the cold winds die down. 
  I had an overly relaxing afternoon this Saturday. I finally went to an antique store I had been eyeing in my neighborhood, got a cup of tea at a local tea house, exploring about a park on Oak Street, and finished a stamping project (that will later be featured on here!). I put off the majority of my school work for the weekend today, but I suppose everyone needs a day just to wonder about and have no cares. 

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