Monday, August 27, 2012

day trip: part 2

more pictures from my little trip! that is the last of them though. i am drinking some coffee at my desk about to go to my first class of the day and finish getting ready. another long week of classes everyday ahead of me! this weekend is labor day weekend though, so i should do something fun (although i work sunday and monday). the next day trip i want to plan is to go to springfield, mo. the red velvet store is there (one of my favorite bloggers, who i have followed for a long time now, owns it!), a cute coffee shop downtown i go to when i'm there, and more places to explore! hopefully soon i'll get to go. 
where do you like to take day trips to/want to?! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

day trip: part 1

i took a mini-day trip to Warrensburg in central Missouri this weekend! when most say central missouri, i'm sure not many things besides fields or fairs come to mind, but actually it was marvelous! there are so many little jems in this historic town. my best friend alexis just moved here and showed me lots of lovely places. mostly staying in the downtown area, we walked around all the historical buildings and the local little shops.   we ate lunch at Cafe Blacklander, which uses all local and fresh ingredients in their menu/has many vegan and meat options/has a huge tea selection/interior design and wall decor was amazing. we hit up all the thrift stores  and antique stores she had been too and then got coffee at a new shop at just open called Old Drum Coffee House. they served the roasterie coffee and offered vegan baked goods! if you live there, i suggest you give them your business! we later headed to an Italian restaurant/produce shop by her apartment that had lots of fresh veggies to choose from. later that evening, we went to a bbq place on the outside of town that had the best french fries ever (i love french fries more than i should). we bought canvases and painted each other pictures before i left. it was such a needed day to get out of town, but still extremely close. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

train spotting

exploring. exploring. exploring. i love to just explore the area i live in. there is always new things to see and alley ways i've never walked down. it's nice to be able to have time to take a walk alone and experience the location you live around. i'll be sad when we pack up and leave the crossroads next year, but i have so much time left to discover and take walks like this. 

i went to the farmers market today to pick up a few things, but nothing really looked good to serve! i later went to a thrift store close to my home and found a few shirts for my boyfriend (on sale for 75 cents!), but found nothing i couldn't live without! i'm now at home trying to decide on something to do for the evening and were to eat dinner at. i have just a few more days until the fall semester of classes start and i am trying to do things with my time... but i normally end up just drinking coffee, reading random blogs/books, or watching films. and i am perfectly fine with that. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

garden flower

these last two days have been wonderful outside and it's almost feeling like fall again! yesterday was a little warm, but not as hot as we're all used to in Missouri. i got to wear one of my favorite vintage dresses, which i scored from Re-Runs Warehouse a few years ago, and a new pair of loafers i got at a thirft store in Westport last weekend. i went shopping with my mom yesterday to old time pottery barn and looked at household items (and wanted them all!). my mom gave me her bread machine and a recipe book to go along with it, so i am excited to start making breads! banana is first on my list. i also got my hair cut! i haven't had my hair professionally cut since the beginning of the year. i'm trying to grow my hair out since i've had short hair for such a long time. 
i start my fall classes next week! which means not as much free time. bittersweet. 

thanks mom for the photos! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

cool it down

it is getting cooler outside! yesterday, in hopes of finding amazing and cheap vintage pieces, me and two friends went to the west bottoms. we later realized after we got there the vintage store we wanted to hit that morning was closed for the day! and the flea market wasn't open this Saturday. we eneded up going into a few vintage stores and then going to a thirft store in Westport in the bottom of a church. i picked up a pair of navy loafers and a pair of brown loafers for my boyfriend (both i was charged $1 for!). that afternoon, i met up with my family in Westport. we got some bubble tea from Tea Drops, coffee from Broadway Cafe, and then ate at Ingredient on the Plaza for a late lunch. i had a veggie burger and grilled veggies. 
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