Sunday, December 30, 2012

a year in review: 2012

(first post, exploring fancy houses around kansas city) 

(liberty memorial in the summer, best views of the city.) 

(the renaissance festival in the early fall.) 

(unity village, grabbing items from the "give n' get".) 

(playing dress-up on halloween, as madeline.) 

(day trip, adventuring around central missouri.) 

 (missouri town, 1855.) 

(kansas city zoo trips and picnics in the heat of summer.) 

(thrift store shopping and adventuring in small towns.) 

(my neighborhood, getting coffee with friends, and street art.) 

(antiquing in the west bottoms, and views from case park.) 

(yearly art fair on the country club plaza.) 

(sunday shopping and outings on my boyfriend and i's day off.) 

   as the year of 2012 is approaching the end of it's time, i decided to share my favorite outfits/posts of the year. this is my first year blogging (actually has not even been a full year!) and these were my most-liked updates so far. it has been a wonderful and exciting experience blogging. i have only recently, since september  been taking this blog seriously. i had a few updates from earlier this year, but i have only shortly been updating frequently  many things are still new to me! it has really been an overwhelming feeling of the amount of feedback my blog has received since i began. 
   i have been planning many new columns to feature on "hello, mr. rabbit" in 2013. i am collaborating with many different types of bloggers and small businesses, and i can't wait to share. i am looking forward to continuing my blogging experience! 
   readers, don't forget to enter my holiday giveaway, for a chance to have me ship you some very cute items! (here!)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

duck duck goose

(the ducks on the dock were chasing us. i suppose they thought we had bread crumbs for them?!)

(eating at one of our favorite mexican restaurant's, maggies.) 

(dirty windows & car rides home to the city.)

(coat, cardigan, scarf, blouse, skirt, and shoes: thrifted. tights: target.) 

   you know that you have a great friend when they photograph you in the freezing cold... and let you do a photoshoot of them before! my friend and i shoot some new looks for my etsy shop (which will be up shortly and featured here). the wind by the lake made everything seem much colder too, so these looks for my shop were completed quickly and swiftly. 
   i cannot believe that 2012 is coming to an end in about two days. so much has changed.. and so much is going to change. it is so unreal to think these will be some of my last blog posts of the year! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

basic shapes

   exploration of art museums is a must for every change in the season. winter trips to the kansas city nelson atkins museum are not as great as the spring/summer ones, but i still love exploring the giant building compiled full of different kinds of pieces. i ventured here today, to see the photography exhibit of terry evans, which i adored the prairies of kansas and landscapes she photographed  (there was no photography of the pieces in this traveling exhibit.) this photographer is a kansas city, missouri native and is mainly thought of for capturing the people and fields of the midwest. 
   my favorite era of art has always been the pop art of the 1950-1960's. i have always loved the pieces done by andy warhol, richard hamilton, and roy lichtenstein. so that being stated, of course, my favorite section of this museum is the "modern art" building. readers, where do you head to when you walk into an art museum? 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas peak: the day (part 2)

   yes, the day did arrive! for my family's christmas, we always wake up early to exchange our presents with one another. my dad prepares us all soy nog lattes in the morning, and we snack on pumpkin scones and other baked goodies. after our early morning traditions, we head to my grandma and grandpa's house for more family breakfast and many cups of coffee, for myself. a few hours pass there, and we head to my granny's again to see more of the family there.
   this was a year of four christmases for me. my boyfriend and i have never went to each other's family christmases (although we live together/in a serious relationship) we did not want to have to cut times at each other's functions. i usually do not have plans in the evening on christmas, so i headed to his last family gathering of the day. it is such a wonderful feeling when you can walk into another families home and feel as welcome as ever (and even have a gift under the tree waiting for you.. they did not even know i was coming!). this christmas was full of old traditions, and with a few new ones to add to my list for the future. 
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