Wednesday, October 31, 2012

i put a spell on you

   happy all hallows eve everyone! i hope you have had a spooky, wonderful, and safe halloween evening. i did not technically dress up in a costume today, i just decided to dress in mostly black and "darkish" and had inspiration from the film- the craft. after only watching old (and some new) horror movies, dressing up in costumes from my closet, and obsessing over jack-o-lantern cravings, i can't believe the halloween season has come to an end! with endings there is always a great beginning  getting prepared for thanksgiving! thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; i am so excited for all of the delicious food/desserts, all of the get togethers my family has that day, and the baking that happens the day before to prepare. 
   also, a happy birthday wish to my mother (i know she is reading this :), her birthday is halloween! we went to waldo pizza for dinner this evening, which is a favorite, local place of mine. they even have a full vegan menu for any non-animal product eaters. as a present, she got a new canon camera body, which i am so jealous of! i spent the rest of my night at home and watched the original halloween slasher film, that was on television. i feel as if that film was a great way to end this halloween season.

   i have also had the wonderful opportunity to do a guest post on leah's blog, here! a little recap on missouri town, 1855 festival i went to earlier this year. check this out, if you would like to! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

a railroader for me

   i've been having so much fun exploring new ideas with my new camera. always taking pictures everywhere i go, trying out new locations/angles, and being on the lookout for possible photo-taking opts are always on my mind. my best friend (whom i have featured many times on my blog) has been wanting me to do a photo-shoot of her for the longest time. today, we went to the west bottoms (yes, it seems i have been there a lot lately!) where there are so many great and abandon places for photographing. i managed to get some amazing shots of her before the sun went down, and they are featured on my facebook album, here. her style is very 90's grunge, and much more edgy than mine, so i feel as though i managed to capture the true "look" of her style. which can be extremely hard when the other person's style is opposite! i am developing more and more of an interest to photography everyday. 
   after our "photo-shoot", we ate medaterranean food at jerusalem cafe for dinner. ordering way too much hummus and falafel, we decided to call it a night. this is the last week of my internship at the elementary school i am at, i must say i will miss it! (even though i had to get up in the early hours of the morning and have a thirty minute drive to the school!). it has been making me so ready to start student teaching with a class of my own. but, now i can focus more on my last couple of weeks of classes and the dreaded... finals. eek! 
    readers, where is your favorite place to take photographs? 

doing some sleuthing/phone photo dairy #8

  oh, the season of creating costumes! my second costume was worn last saturday evening when my boyfriend and i went to a house show/halloween party at a loft close by ours. thinking of ideas the whole afternoon, i decided to go with a classic, nancy drew. this is an outfit that i would wear daily, but it's fun to see if people can guess who i am. i bought the dress i am wearing at a vintage warehouse, re-runs, in the west bottoms earlier that day. my boyfriend dressed up as Gilligan  from Gilligan's island the tv show, but sometimes flipped his hat up (he said it was uncomfortable) and became a sailor. we only took a few pictures before taking a short, but extremely chilly walk to the event that evening.

here's a little peak of random things i've been up to!
(from top to bottom):

some inspiration from country living magazine for wall decor with pressing leaves//a vintage map i found at thistle for my loft//a new skirt that i am in love with//favorite fall booties (a little dirty!)//an all black outfit for the halloween season//school day outfits//honey latte at parisi cafe in union station//best pumpkin ale i had all season//fortune cookies//renaissance crowds//dog sitting the cutest little dog ever//eating freebirds burritos for the first time//late dinner at gates bbq (my meal was onion rings with veggies)//home-made falafel sandwiches and cream soda//curried chickpeas with rice and a great movie//lazy saturday mornings while dog sitting//my blog is official, i made my own business cards! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

leavin' footprints

   the chilly weather is finally here! i was so excited, this saturday, to wear my new winter coat! the fabric/lining is not too thick, so it's perfect for fall (but also great for winter to layer with!). i had a lovely afternoon of vintage shopping, coffee drinking, walking around, and costume hunting. i had a lazy morning; read some of the beautiful and the damned in bed, drink coffee & read my blogs, and went through the clothing i am going to sell on etsy. after finally gaining the effort to get out of my comfy clothes and out of my loft, i headed to the west bottoms with a friend and explored a vintage warehouse and the area. we later got coffee at yjs (one of my favorite spots for food or a drink) and i sipped on a soy latte. 
   i am going to see a few bands play tonight at a place close to my loft, and it is costume-themed! i went to a halloween costume store today in search of something to go along with ideas i had for a costume. i found a magnify glass lucky, which is perfect for my fashion icon/inspiration, nancy drew! i am so excited to dress up like her this evening (which i already do all the time, this time will just be overboard!). now i am obsessing over images of her and deciding exactly how i plan to dress. i wish costume get togethers were all year round. 
   now i'm curious! readers, what are your favorite fiction characters that you get inspiration from? (fashion, life, anything!) 

Friday, October 26, 2012

halloween town

   halloween is among us! and what a scary/fun/creative holiday it is. i love the time right around halloween when everyone is having costume-themed get togethers! last night, my boyfriend and i, went to a halloween/housewarming party for a few of our friends. i had been having such a hassle with finding a perfect costume for the halloween season! i had been searching for pieces to my mary poppins costume for weeks, but still couldn't seem to find the correct ones for my outfit. then, earlier this week, i watched moonrise kingdom (a film by wes anderson) and feel in love with all of the character's outfits, the color scheme, and susie bishop. susie bishop's style is so lovely, i decided i must dress up as her! but, i couldn't seem to find a pink collared dress in time, so i went with something from my closet... madeline! this is an outfit i would have easily worn any day  but also fits character. i like to change up my costumes for each event.. we'll see what i come up with next time! 
   i had a lovely experience guest blogging for "today i.." blog! check out my guest post here about my neighborhood, the crossroads, and all of the wonderful things i love about it. 

   readers, what are you costumes for halloween? 
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