Sunday, August 26, 2012

day trip: part 1

i took a mini-day trip to Warrensburg in central Missouri this weekend! when most say central missouri, i'm sure not many things besides fields or fairs come to mind, but actually it was marvelous! there are so many little jems in this historic town. my best friend alexis just moved here and showed me lots of lovely places. mostly staying in the downtown area, we walked around all the historical buildings and the local little shops.   we ate lunch at Cafe Blacklander, which uses all local and fresh ingredients in their menu/has many vegan and meat options/has a huge tea selection/interior design and wall decor was amazing. we hit up all the thrift stores  and antique stores she had been too and then got coffee at a new shop at just open called Old Drum Coffee House. they served the roasterie coffee and offered vegan baked goods! if you live there, i suggest you give them your business! we later headed to an Italian restaurant/produce shop by her apartment that had lots of fresh veggies to choose from. later that evening, we went to a bbq place on the outside of town that had the best french fries ever (i love french fries more than i should). we bought canvases and painted each other pictures before i left. it was such a needed day to get out of town, but still extremely close. 


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    1. thank you! and yes, i'm checking out your blog right now!

  2. Lovely photographs, you looked absolutely gorgeous!
    I adore your skirt!

  3. sounds like such a fun time! thanks for stopping by you have such cute style


  4. Nice pictures you have there! Thank you for visiting my blog :))

  5. looks so cute! love days like that.

  6. love that photos!
    Wanna follow each other?


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