Thursday, August 16, 2012

garden flower

these last two days have been wonderful outside and it's almost feeling like fall again! yesterday was a little warm, but not as hot as we're all used to in Missouri. i got to wear one of my favorite vintage dresses, which i scored from Re-Runs Warehouse a few years ago, and a new pair of loafers i got at a thirft store in Westport last weekend. i went shopping with my mom yesterday to old time pottery barn and looked at household items (and wanted them all!). my mom gave me her bread machine and a recipe book to go along with it, so i am excited to start making breads! banana is first on my list. i also got my hair cut! i haven't had my hair professionally cut since the beginning of the year. i'm trying to grow my hair out since i've had short hair for such a long time. 
i start my fall classes next week! which means not as much free time. bittersweet. 

thanks mom for the photos! 


  1. Man, you've got a lot going on it sounds like, hehe. I love that you're hanging out in your garden and I really, really like your glasses. (:

    1. thank you! i've had them since i was 16. i couldn't find another pair i liked more!

  2. Hi dear!
    Love so much you're blog, is amazing!
    Follow u, my name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

    Hope u follow back :) :)

    A lot of kisses.

  3. Such pretty pictures and what an adorbale dress! You have such a sweet blog dear! Following now.
    Cara x

    1. aw, thank you lady! i got that dress over two years ago and still one of my favorites!

  4. what precious photos. i like the sunny blackout effect in the photos. it is sweet of your mom to have taken the photos for you. you look lovely. i really like the color of your dress!

    xx rae

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