Friday, November 23, 2012

collective bargains

(early bird, black friday waiting at half-price books)

(my sister's coat this morning, i was in love)

(items i bought today, along with a few presents i am not able to share.. surprises!) 

   here's to the biggest day of promotions and huge sales, black friday! it is funny to me how we transition into black friday, from thanksgiving (a day of thanks and i day of personal shopping? well, i suppose most people do their christmas shopping today). i did not actually shop too much today, which i normally do on black friday. i started the morning off waiting in line at half-price books, with my family, and received a $5 gift card and some coupons for the first 100 customers. being to sleepy to continue  i decided to go home for a nap and some relaxing with my cats and netflix. i believe that's what my thanksgiving break is for!
   i ventured out later in the day to go to the salvation army, which was having a 50% off all clothing items. i bought a few gifts for my boyfriend's stocking and a pair of shoes, and lot of this was extremely inexpensive due to sales. my to-do list today was mainly to re-organize my closet and bedroom, which i am still working on now from being in such a lazy mood today. 
   readers, did you do any black friday shopping/what deals did you find? 


  1. Cuteness overload! >//< Ah what a lovely pictures!

  2. Argh, we don't have Black Friday here, such a shame. But I wouldn't go even if we had one, I don't like people :D
    But I love your cute outfit ^_^

  3. I love that hat and it suits you very well!! <3

  4. your photos are adorable and i love the scenery. i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  5. the rabbit pattern shirt, ah I'm in love. Your sweater look cozy too. Is that place for real? So beautiful! We didn't have black friday shopping here. *sad face*
    You look cute btw :)

  6. I love that shirt with the little bunnies on it. And I went to the Salvation Army store on black friday too.

  7. Lovely blog post!
    I'm your new follower,would love if you would follow me back:*
    Kisses and Hugs!

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) it means I found your blog now which I love!
    Amber X

  9. ur shirt is cool, i want the same ahah
    xx from fraaaance ;)

  10. and i follow you on facebook coz i like ur blog :)
    (under the name ameliecurly )

  11. Oh I use to go to a Half Priced Books when I lived in Seattle I loved going there!

    Ali of;

  12. Love, love, love!!!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  13. You look so snuggly in that sweater.


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