Saturday, November 17, 2012

green grass of home

(the homeowner's father cut down the tree she used to love, when it was dying, and saved these pieces for her to hang in her home) 

   as i said in my last post, today was the day of the holiday homes tour & boutique! i absolutely love touring other people's/modeled homes that are wonderfully decorated for the holiday season. all of the profits from the ticket admission went to a non-profit organization called rediscover, that helps families and children who are affected by mental illness or substance abuse. although before thanksgiving is a tad early for so much christmas decor (yes, i did it myself! but, i didn't think everyone else did too!), walking through these beautiful homes made me want to go past the limit of "too-much" this year. my cats will not allow that though! 
   all of the homes, themselves, could have just been walked through without the christmas decoration  the home that i loved the decoration was the first one we toured, which i have no pictures of because i was unsure if we could photograph inside! almost every decoration was a "do-it-yourself" from a vintage or scarp piece. this house gave me so much inspiration, not just for the holiday season, but to decorate when i move into my next living space. i am hoping to go on another holiday home tour before this christmas season is over! 


  1. GORGEOUS!!! Love this home! And your outfit is so cute!!

  2. Gorgeous photos. What lovely homes you got to see. I love the idea of creeping into someones house and seeing how they live. It's like a blog, really. You get to sit back as a bit of a voyeur and imagine how those people live.

    Too fun!

  3. such cute photos! you and everything around the pictures look so festive!!!
    i love it. christmas is the best :)

  4. I love that third picture down, such a sweet home. Your red dress is also very sweet! x

  5. I love your dress. Omg, I want that house in the third picture! :O

  6. Oh, how is it possible that everytime you can catch the beauty of the views into the camera that well? I love that dress.
    Your blog is just great!! <3

  7. That is the prettiest dress, you look so festive :) and that is a really bizarre idea, touring people's homes... but such a good cause.
    it reminds me of when I was looking for a place to live with my family, it's fun pretending you live in another house for half an hour or so and losing yourself inside that fantasy.
    xx Annika
    The Pineneedle Collective

  8. i have never heard of a holiday home tour, or even a home tour, but i kinda love it as im so nosy! the tree pieces on the wall are so beautiful and sentimental! thanks for sharing these photos, makes me feel festive!

  9. These photographs are amazing!
    I'm such a holiday fanatic, and a holiday home tour is literally my idea of heaven
    Looks and sounds so amazing, especially the DIY pieces

  10. Beautiful photos! Love your outfit.


  11. are you?

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  12. Such inspiring homes! And you look so lovely awww! xxxxx

    Style Lullaby

  13. That dress is so lovely, you look so cute!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  14. What a gorgeous home, and what a lovely outfit! Sounds like such a fun idea. Those bits of tree trunk on the wall look great. I'd love to peek around other peoples homes!

  15. wow these pictures are adorable love the red touch!

  16. wow, such a cute christmassy post - i really love the home with the tree on the wall, what a lovely idea to keep remembering the tree after it was gone.


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  18. aw these photos are too adorable! loving the Xmas decorations :)

  19. so lovely your blog *-*

  20. aww you look like a cute little elf that walked right out of a children's xmas book!



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