Saturday, November 3, 2012

sound of your november downtown

   i feel like i am in the west bottoms almost every saturday lately. but, there is no way i would miss out on the first saturday of the month here. there is always such a huge selection of vintage shops, food trucks, and flee market outside stands to see and be inspired from! i always feel bad going into a vintage store and not buying anything.. but soaking up their inspiration! i actually ended up not spending a dime today, which is so unlike me (i always find something i want at any vintage store!). the whole time i was in these different shops, i was just thinking about creating my own items at home. i noticed myself, in one vintage store, being in love with a vintage baby nursery section.. which i did not even know it was a nursery section! i just adore pastel colors and cute things, and i just wanted to buy it all for my own place. 
   i also went to case park, in the quality hill district in kansas city, for a wonderful view of the industrial part of the city. i had completely forgotten about that park, and i have not been there since i was younger. i just went through old pictures i have saved and there is one of me sitting on the ledge  as i am doing here. it is so interesting to see how much you have changed over the years. 

“fallen leaves lying on the grass in the november sun bring more happiness than the daffodils” -cyril connolly 


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  2. Fun post! adore all the creativity put into the photoshoot, also if you get a min id love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post

  3. Cute outfit! I like the vintigy feel of it and the pics of the type writers :)

  4. Yay, what a great outfit :) and these picutres are beautiful! I really like the cardigan you are wearing in this post!
    Have a great sunday!

  5. The outfit seems so artsy!! I really love it! :)
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  6. Ooh how lovely !:) I like that cardigan a lot !:)

  7. I love all your photos! I, for one, can stay here and soak up inspiration. <3


  8. Hi lindsey, Nice pictures. I havnt seen white thights on a person for a while. maybe i should get some.they look nice on you.
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    have a lovely Sunday!
    greets from Düsseldorf

  9. Amazing fall outfit dear , xox

  10. gorgeous!:)


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  11. indeed! and in a bit we're already in Christmas :DD

    much love,

  12. your town seems always so sunny, full of vintage flea markets and cool places! :-) you lucky girl! ;-)

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  14. Beautiful blog, I love your vintage style!!!

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  15. Your outfit is so, so darling - I love your white tights and that hat!

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  17. love this hat and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
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  18. Oh gosh, I can't even get over how cute and lovely you are! I love everything about this outfit and your beautiful photographs.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog, it brightened up my day :)
    xoxo Maria

  19. AMAZING outfit - love the blouse and jacket! :)

  20. such a cute outfit~ Love all your pictures girl~



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