Tuesday, December 11, 2012

details in the fabric

(my first sale from my etsy shop! all wrapped up and ready to be shipped.) 

(included a little "thank you" hand-drawn card, along with a business card.) 

(favorite item from a clothing swap last night.) 

   you can always tell the weather is getting colder when i am layering with only sweaters. sweater, sweater skirt, sweater tights... and a larger sweater over my sweater for the morning chill. i own so many sweaters, that i could probably wear a different one all season long! this is the first season i always go to when thrifting, even in the warmer months. i am thinking about cutting up some old sweaters to make into mittens and socks, when i have time after my finals are over.
   as etsy is known for their cute and detailed packaging, i packaged my first order in some left over fabric and string. i am planning on getting some printed tissue paper for my next orders. readers, what are some creative packaging ideas you have/use? i want to draw inspiration from them! 
   i have also been using my instagram account so much lately for my daily outings and random things throughout my day. i would love to find more people to follow, so visit me here! (@hellomrrabbit) 


  1. completely cute sweater and congratulations on your first sale! x

  2. You can never have enough sweaters. I certainly don't. I'm always on the hunt for some more! And they definitely are the easiest thing to find when thrifting.
    sweater tights are a MUST in the winter. i'm always so cold! i hate it!

  3. lovely vintage outfit <3
    love your skirt ♥♥


  4. oh, i WISH i had that kinda weather in winnipeg. i've been freezing my buns off over here! i love the skirt, miss!

  5. Congrats on your first etsy sale! I was so excited when I made my first sale! I absolutely LOVE your skirt as well!! Is it vintage??? I would LOVE to know where you got it if it's current!

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  6. This whole outfit looks so comfy! I'm definitely going to follow you on Instagram! :)

  7. Super cute!! this outfit looks really cozy and I love your skirt :)

    That packaging is really creative! I've thought outside the box with packing, but never like you have. I love the idea of using scrap fabric, brilliant :)


  8. I love your skirt, it's so cute :) Oh I must check your etsy shop, love how you've packed the order :)
    It's very cold in here and the only thing I'm wearing these days are tons of layers and sweaters :)


  9. Beautiful skirt! :)

    Enter my give-away to win a dress of your own choice!

  10. Love these pieces of clothing! If only it were appropriate weather to wear such beauties here in Australia (despite rain and thunderstorms where I am, it still isn't exactly cold :()

    xx Carina

  11. Lovely photos! That skirt is gorgeous xx


  12. Love this outfit, I'm on a quest for more sweaters and skirts for sure! I'm off to find you on instagram :) I'll be @mandophoto


  13. You rock honey,love it!;-)

  14. great post :)
    ty for your lovely comment,
    great blog, following now..kisses :)

  15. Congrats on your first order, how exciting! <3 I love the skirt you are wearing, it looks so cute and cosy
    xoxo Maria

  16. I love that skirt, so beautiful. Great pictures all around!


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