Tuesday, January 29, 2013

arrows of time

 (gloominess in the outside world.)  

   The weather of a season seems so had to define. In the Midwest  the rapid changes on temperature (from mid 70's to 20's tonight.. from rain to snow) have been so odd and made feelings of spring. The pouring rain always seem to align with the misplacing of my umbrella, the constant forgetting to buy a pair of rain boots, and having classes at opposite ends of my school's campus. Though it does bring peaceful sleep! 
  January seemed as normal; new year beginning excitement  dread/happiness of new semester courses... then gone in a flash. February is right around the bay and I am happy to say that I am excited for one of my favorite months. 
   Readers, what is your favorite month?


  1. The weather has been SUPER weird, no? It's raining hard right now, but yesterday, it was snowing! And the day before, it was 50+ degrees. :)
    ♥ laura
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  2. The weather is super super weird here in Ohio too! However, I love your dress/ skirt (?) and those pictures are beautiful as always.
    And today it was warm and sunny so I should not compain ;)


  3. I don't know what my favorite month is. I used to be able to tell you. Because I would favor a holiday like christmas or thanksgiving and I would then make that month my favorite. But truth is, some months are better than others and it changes each year and sometimes it dosn't have to do with a holiday, it just has to do with life events and happenings. So, i don't know. But I do know that I liked January, it was good to me and I'm excited for Febraury as well:)

  4. I just discovered your blog and it makes me /super/ excited to see other KCMO bloggers! Hi!

    This weather has been absolutely ridiculous!! I went to the zoo on Monday and now it's snowing! I can't wait for April and May, when the sun stays permanent, although, October is my very favorite month.

  5. aww lovely pics as always! and i really love the blue trench coat <3

  6. I just love your photos..so lovely...<3

  7. We've had such changeable weather lately too, it makes planning my outfits very awkward. Love these photos, that dress has such a beautiful print xo

  8. awwwn thank you sweetie :3 so kind of you, and glad you liked it! c:
    much love, xx ♡

  9. I am also partial to February, however that is my birthday month so I am a little biased ;). What a darling vest! Corduroy is always wonderful this time of year and it is the prettiest color too.

  10. Hehe, February is quite a lovely month! I've gotta say that my favorite is October, though. October is so perfect for bike rides, the colors of the leaves are gorgeous, and there's that musty smell of spicy leaves in the air. You are so precious! I adore your courderoy vest--it's such a nice color and though I'd never try to wear courdeoy pants myself, I would definitely wear that vest!

    I hope you have a waaaaanderful Friday (and that it was fabulous for the first day of your favorite month!!) <3


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