Sunday, January 20, 2013

birdhouse in your soul

(my sister painted this for me for Christmas, hanging in my craft room.)

 (favorite candies, dark chocolate over espresso beans.) 

 (what's in my bag today.) 

 (constantly instagraming my cats.)

   I have been such a homebody lately (hints why all of my pictures have been in my house recently). There is still the feel in the air of living in a new environment, things left to explore, and the "newness" of everything. I seem to confine myself to my craft room or bedroom most of the evenings. Always feeling there is a piece of homework to do, or another etsy package to wrap and decorate. 
   This Sunday, Brad and I ran to a few places close to home. We (I) found some oxfords and a button up at a thrift store to add to his closet and then headed to Trader Joes to grab some groceries.  With the fridge fully stocked, I know this week will go well.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I love being a homebody... and I LOVE Trader Joe's :)

  2. a fully stocked fridge always means good times. such cute pics in your house! enjoy!

  3. Aww what sweet kitty photos! Love the what's in yer bag picture too :)

    <3 Megan

  4. I always love scrolling through your blog-so many little inspirations! I adore the plaid dress with that gorgeous collar. Your cats are darlings! Also, you probably have the cutest hair ever.

    1. Oh! And I forgot to answer your question :) I did graduate with an elementary education degree, but decided I didn't like working full time in a classroom. I work now at an afterschool program for four hours a day. I have kids that are k-5th grade so I get a nice mix and still get to plan lessons, they are just more fun and hands on!

  5. Once again BEAUTIFUL pictures! I always enjoy to look at your pictures soooo much! Remember when you posted the enveloppes made out of maps some time ago? I actually got those for christmas from my brother! I had to think about your blog when I was opening the present and saw the envelopes :)
    Have a great start in the week!


  6. I love all these pics, I'm a homebody lately too, it's just so cozy. That wallet is TOO cute and also I love the They Might Be Giants lyric title, love that song :)


  7. 1. Your blog name is super cute
    2. I adore everything that's inside your bag! I want it all! @_@


  8. Beautiful Post ,love the Pictures!

    kisses :)

  9. I really haven't felt like leaving my home much either. It's hard to go out in the winter! AND THEY MIGHT ME GIANTS TITLE!!! And your cuteness. And your AWESOME hello kitty things. I love this post. So. Much.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails// fawn pendant giveaway

  10. Adore these photos. I can't get over your blog header, the design is too cute! Love your phone case also. xo

  11. Such a cute post :X I love animals too


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