Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a lack of color

(the woodland house (ours), in the snow storm.)

(my snow-covered car, we used my boyfriend's car to drive us to the grocery store for much needed coffee beans.)

(long sweater: kohls, rose detailed sweater: vintage, from my mom's closet, knitted scarf: made by my granny, floral dress: from a friend, sweater tights: h&m, boots: payless.) 

   Oh winter, I believe I have experienced the full force of you this last week. I awoke this morning to a land of snow and ice, another day of canceled classes, and cold breezes coming through my windows. The sound of icicles falling from the porch and the snow plow men driving their giant trucks down my street. Today actually transformed my neighborhood into what an actual "blizzard" would be told to look like. So lovely to view, but I am ready for the first of Spring now! 
    As February comes to a close, I am hoping for a bit of warmer weather which will replace the snow with rain. I believe everyone else wrapped up in the last two major snows will be sided with me! Welp, seems I got my wish of snow this season, but I must say: I am ready to turn my sweaters in for sundresses.


  1. I was mesmerized by the snow today as well. Such a lovely sight. But unlike you, I stayed inside wearing pjs all day lol.

    You look so adorable! I love your sweater, it's beautiful.

    I reaaaally hope this is the last snowpocalypse of the year. These snow days are getting a little old.

  2. HOLY COW!!! Your house IS A DREAM!!!! With that snow it looks so so lovelllllly. That sweater with the flowers is so cute ;)

  3. I am currently missing my sundresses too. Where are you sunshine? Why have you left me for so long? *sobs*

    You look beautiful. Your rosy pink cheeks brighten the snowy air!


  4. goodness gracious it looks cold! we're in late summer here so its quite unfamiliar but also refreshing to look at your pictures. and of course i've got the death cab song in my head...

    ps. love the tights and boots combo - love thick cable tights! x

  5. amazing pictures !
    love winter

  6. The flowers are such a nice detail on the sweater! Really lovely!

  7. I love this beige sweater with the flowers! And you are looking so great and cute with your pink cheeks (I hope I cans ay this like that in English ;)!?). The snow is beautiful, when you have the right clothes... I am waiting for spring as I left all my big boots and jackets back in Germany before I came here to the US ;)

    Happy wednesday :)

  8. Love this pictures! We have loads of snow here too and I want spring :D!
    Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm following you, hope you follow back :)

  9. Hello Lindsey! :)
    I don't comment often, but if you see someone from "Turin, Italy" in your stats -- well, that's me (I'm more of a "silent reader")! :) Just wanted to let you know I love your blog and the way you show the things you love. I love your style too, it's unique and so very YOU -- I just love it when a woman has her own personal taste and style which make her stand out from the crowd!
    Love from the Alps :)

  10. Oh man, I am with you. The snow was kind of pretty at first, but I am done. Seriously, why isn't it spring yet? At least you look so cute and comfy with your layers!

  11. Sounds like where I live! I cannot wait for spring to come - and I simply cannot say that enough after this very long and cold winter. Though I will say - your captures of all the snow are quite stunning and the perfect backdrop for your outfit.

    I really love the neutrals you've put together in your outfit here. It's cozy but so romantic looking as well. That sweater looks so much like one I had back in the 90s and sadly got rid of.

    Keep warm darling :-) xo Marisa

  12. thank you so much sweet lindsey! ^^ awwn loved your sweater! looks so cute, warmy and comfy :3

    much love, xx

  13. So much snow! I like the cozy way you can juuuust see the hem of the dress peeking out of that oversized sweater. Cozy, cozy!

  14. oh wow that snow! and you look so lovely in your pretty layers! hope you managed to saty warm in the frigid temperatures. i too am looking forward to slightly warmer days! oh, and i am so happy to have found your lovely blog.. its so enchanting! i am happily following along and can not wait to read more xxx

  15. That sweater of yours... I am in love! I'm sure you must be sick of snow by now. Funny, I don't even like winter very much, and yet, I always feel cheated when I don't get snow down here. Texas already feels like spring... I love it, and yet, I feel so cheated! My thick sweaters and coats never get to go out.

    Your blog is absolutely adorable. :) I definitely will have to visit again soon.

  16. I am in love with that sweet little sweater!! AND SNOW!! Wow that is a lot. I've never seen snow before!! Crazy right? I live in NZ.

  17. Beautiful pictures! Really fitting title too! I miss snow soooo much! haha


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