Friday, February 15, 2013

instagram diary #9

(baked tofu pita wrap & juice, grilled "cheese" & tomato soup, fruits with cereal in soy yogurt & bagel with hummus, "chicken" with pineapple pizza.) 

 (shooting with camera, warm tea & names of neighbors.) 

(family couch cuddles, comfy slipper socks, school day outfits, anti-social wine & music evenings.) 

 (an elementary school I have been working with, snowy Brush Creek afternoons.) 

(painting my sister made for me, a print I ordered from The Floral Prince, favorite picture frame with favorite picture, Valentine's Day themed mini gifts.) 

(morning coffee at home, afternoon explorations.) 

(car rides when I am not the driver, a peanut butter smoothie with a roll & jam from Roxberry, after school snacks at Peach Wave, last coffee at my old loft.) 

 (new Moleskin from my boyfriend, store clothing storage rack.)

(morning local reads, the cutest little girl (whom I nanny), new headband from Shabby Apple, homemade black bean soup.) 

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  1. such perfect instagram photos, i wish my photos looked this perfect. you are a wonderful photographer.
    xo jane

  2. Beautiful photos! You are a talent! :)

    New post on my blog! :)

  3. I love your instagram snaps! That elementary school is really cute-looking, almost like somethign out of a cartoon!

  4. Aw, these photos were just beautiful. I loved them all. You really have great skills in photography. So pretty!! : )

  5. Lovely! YOur life seems to be just sooo beautiful :)


  6. lovely pictures!!!

  7. Lovely pictures, I'm absolutely going to follow you on Instagram and gfc. You have such a great style. Love, Jaimie

  8. A bagel and hummus sounds so good right!

  9. Beautiful instagramming! You have a new follower (on IG, I've been following your blog)


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