Friday, April 5, 2013

paper forest

 (The Scout statue, viewing all of downtown.) 

(flowers from Easter, on my front porch soaking in the sunshine.)

(sweater/blouse/belt: thrifted, skirt: self-made, tights: target, velvet flats: h&m.) 

    Three cheers for leisurely spring weekends! I could honestly not be happier that Friday was today and the stress of my school week is behind me. Time to let that homework and studying go...until Sunday evening (what can I say, I want my weekend!). 
  It was one of those nice Fridays when I get out of my last class early, get a good latte, relax a bit at a local park, and read books outside to the little girl I nanny. I am starting to take back that I only like weather when I have to be bundled up with sweaters... I love this weather where I can do everything outside without even a jacket. Ah, if all only all Fridays were like this!


  1. These tights are the perfect yellow! I'm so fond of bright tights. And that skirt. And those shoes! Relaxing + calm weekends are my favorite hehe.

  2. Yes! Weekends are for stuff like that. School and work will wait till Sunday eve - I also have that strategy ;). You look super cute.


  3. Great look dear, especially for spring! :)

  4. Looks like a really lovely day. It's warming up where I am too, and I couldn't be more excited. :) I went out without a jacket for what might have been an hour (until it got a little chilly again).

  5. I'm the same way as you-I want my relaxing weekend and so I put things off until Sunday night. It's the way to be! Glad you had such a great afternoon! Sounds like a lovely way to spend it. You look glorious as always! Your blouse is so dainty and pretty and I just love it :)

  6. You wear the cutest ensembles! <3


  7. Lovely pictures!

    SickGreen Blog

  8. You're darling! Love all your outfits.:)


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