Thursday, May 16, 2013

before the dive

(baked some vegan coconut bars today, recipe will be up shortly.) 

 (what's in my bag today.) 

(cropped blouse/skirt/curious george pin: thrifted, oxfords: nine west, galaxy pin: handmade)  

   I'm welcoming back my good friend, summer break. I'm welcoming back no more endless nights of cramming for tests, early morning drives to school, educational psychology research, and history extended essays... this is until I start my summer classes. But, it will honestly still be a major break for me, even though I will be nannying a lot more this summer and still be doing college work. 
   Life for the next few months will be much more relaxing. I relaxed today by doing some antiquing and grabbing a latte with a friend before work. My boyfriend and I plan on taking a camping trip this weekend, which is rescheduled from the cold (which it no longer is close to that here!) and is a well-needed escape  I still have many events that are college-related this summer to attend to though, mainly a giant teaching exam that will be needed before I enter my new school I am transferring to. Yes, so it seems "summer break" is kind of non-existent for me, but I can still utilize these few weeks before college is the number one again. 


  1. Welcome back summer! Adorable post by the way!

  2. You are so cute!
    I love your blush!

  3. I'm looking forward to summer break also :) Glad to hear yours should still be relaxing even amongst your classes and such! I really noticed in this post how long your hair is getting, it looks really gorgeous, and I'm so jealous of the dark color. Your little cropped sweater is so very cute, and I can't wait for that coconut bar recipe-that looks amazing!

  4. You have such cute style! Following you now :)


  5. You've earned your relaxed time dear. Make the best of it :D

  6. So many cute accessories in your bag! And those coconut bars sound amazing!

  7. Antiquing truly is one of the most relaxing things to do I swear! That little skirt really is darling - what a find! I used to have one very similar back in HS - makes me wish I held onto it :-) Enjoy your weeks of relaxation and soak up every last minute of it.

    xox Marisa

  8. Awwww, enjoy your Summer while you can! You look wonderful, that skirt is gorgeous xo

  9. thanks for commenting on my blog! your style is so cute! followed you on blogger and bloglovin xx

  10. Looking forward to the recipe for the vegan coconut bars!
    Your outfit is super pretty!
    Have a lovely weekend!


  11. You look so lovely here; I especially love the twirl-iness of that skirt. Plus, it is fun to peek and see what's in your bag.

  12. I love the story your photos tell! Just beautiful!! XOXO!

    love, polly


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