Saturday, May 11, 2013

owl in the oak tree

(picked up some of the Nancy Drew series today from a yard sale.)

(some new wall hangings.) 

(blouse/skirt/belt: thrifted, sweater: self-dyed vintage, tights: self-dyed from target, loafers: cole haan, owl purse/map ring: osasp) 

   Hello perfect spring weather, and (an almost) hello to the end of finals for this semester. Student life has been occupying all of my time, with the copious amount of studying and my odd final schedules. I couldn't be happier that this Saturday, I really didn't do ever much during the day. I was honestly exhausted. After the mid-week, I will be completely finished with finals and ready for my mini-summer break (before starting summer courses).  
   Since last weekend I found such steals from garage sales, I couldn't pass up the signs I am seeing all over my area for yard sales. I snatched up many Nancy Drew books and almost bought a rocking chair (it didn't fit in my tiny Kia though!). I could imagine myself rocking in that chair with a good read on my front porch for hours, but there are still many months left of lovely weather to find one...with riding in the right sized vehicle.


  1. I have that same purse but it was either advertised as a fox or maybe a baby deer? It definitely doesn't look like an owl in my opinion.

    1. oh, it does kind of look like a fox too! but, i got it from here and it was labeled as "owl"!

  2. Your bag is adorable!


  3. I saw that bag featured in one of SprinkleOfGlitter's videos and I'm in love with it - so adorable!
    Also, your dress is really nice!

    Kathryn x

  4. Such a cute bag! Really like your printed top and skirt too - thought it was a dress at first until I read your notes under the photos :)

    Away From Blue

  5. I love your little owl bag :) it's very sweet x

  6. The owl bag is so adorable. And I really like the floral print on that dress. And I have to agree garage sales are the best!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  7. garage sales can be so fun.

  8. I love your dress, it's so beautiful!

  9. Love the owl purse, so cool!

    xx Kaisa

  10. I love that bag! My bestie has the exact same one and I always want to steal it off her. The colour of that dress is so great on you

  11. Gorgeous photos! So whimsical :)

    I'm running a huge giveaway on my blog right now (here) where you could win you own Daniel Wellington watch (worth £200), you're welcome to enter it!x

    Blog | Cocochic
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  12. Beautiful outfit and pictures, now following you via GFC & Bloglovin. Would love if you could follow back!


  13. Oh man, I loved Nancy Drew so much when I was growing up. That's all I wanted to read, and I still dream of being a bad ass teen detective :) Glad your school is almost out and you have some good weather to enjoy!

  14. I like the bag and the dress. The match is very good.

  15. Perfect dress and love the oversize cardi, so cozy ^_^

  16. I would love to have all those Nancy Drew books (and that owl purse too)! This is Katie from Running With A Glue. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am now following your blog via GFC :)


  17. Lovely pictures. Enjoyed viewing the day through your eyes. Sounds lovely going to yard sales and you found Nancy Drew mysteries! My sister & I read those faithfully as preteens. :) In fact, we still love them. Thanks a bunch for allowing us a glimpse of your fun. :)

  18. Beautiful look! New follower via bloglovin' <3 Alex


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