Wednesday, June 19, 2013

pearl in the shell

(dress: h&m vest: thrifted, flats: simply vera by vera wang) 

   Sometimes I draw a blank of what to say here. Summer time and the past few weeks have given me a huge amount of free time, which most I have spent packing and, I suppose, relaxing. During the school year, I never actually have this amount of free time, and since I am only in summer classes this has allowed me to do so. I am person who enjoys a full schedule, so I am quite hoping for a new part-time job to fill some time (and my wallet).
   Today I tried my bet at boba pearls and smoothie combinations. I have tried preparing tapioca pearls in the past, and I still can't seem to make them taste as if I am ordering bubble tea out. I used this recipe here for the pearls, and this recipe here for kale chips (which is my favorite for kale). I am awaiting moving to my new apartment, where we have air conditioning while using a hot oven and a working refrigerator, so I can try my hand at popsicles and fruit pies. I mean, those are summery must haves.


  1. lovely dress & vest- amazing color & pattern!
    i like your tattoos :)

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  2. Aaaahhh, cook for me!
    And YUM, boba. Haven't had that in a while. Also, I really like your tattoo! So pretty. and what a conveniently cut dress :D

  3. Man you make the most delicious looking foodies in the world!!!! O_O
    And congrats on the apartment and air conditioner :D

  4. you look so elegant and stylish- i love it!

  5. love your floral jacket and your personal tattoo

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  6. The neckline on your dress is so pretty!


  7. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    Kale has to be one of my top 5 foods- I can't get enough of it, and I like a busy schedule too
    You look beautiful

  8. That pink is a great colour on you, love the tattoos!

  9. I want your vest! It's really nice!

  10. I love your dress and how you have styled quite a formal piece to wear in the summer time.
    Kate xx

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  12. How fun! I'm loving your dress and that adorable succulent garden. Excuse me while I go buy more succulents. You can never have too many right?

  13. so pretty! the smoothies look so yummy. I have never tried bubble tea but I have heard it is delicious. good luck with your move!

  14. i have never thought to recreate bubble teas. how interesting!

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