Friday, June 28, 2013

red apple stones

(skirt: diy, blouse/purse: thrifted, oxfords: nine west

   This week has almost come to a close, and it's safe to sat things are freeing up a tad bit more after my latest move (I am also completely in love with my new apartment, and will update more on that when I am finished making it a home). Fridays I have an art studies class for elementary school teachers, and today we took a field trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum. I tend to document much of this wonderful place, and that's because I never tire of visiting. 
   The Nelson, like most other museums, offers resources for educators to use inside of their classrooms. If I end up teaching in Kansas City, I am sure I will be in the education building much of the school year. We also toured around the museum  exploring art work for upcoming assignments, and browsed through the reference books in the library. Ah, the excitement of being a future educator was in full force today.

I was recently interviewed by Allison from "Okay, Allison!", check out the interview here


  1. How lovely that it's open to educators! Good luck on your new home, that sounds like an exciting endeavor! I also love that claes oldenburg shuttlecock <3

  2. Glad you've enjoyed your move- you look great I love your skirt x

  3. I love the skirt, and the museum looks wonderful. Can't wait to see what your new apartment looks like.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  4. I love the giant badminton birdie! Looks like a really interesting place.

  5. your blog is wonderful! i love your style and photography and words!

  6. Oldenburg!! <3
    You look cute as always!

  7. Gorgeous photos. The skirt is so pretty

  8. cute skirt! and that birdie is epic!


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