Tuesday, July 23, 2013

crystal caverns

(going to try and use natural dyes from ginger and bay leaves sometime this week.) 

(top: forever 21, skirt/sandals/purse: thrifted) 

   My last few weeks of summer are in full-force after finishing up my short classes for this season. There is a bittersweetness in the air of mote free time and fall right around the way. I plan on using this time wisely and making/creating as much as I can, and hoping I don't get sucked into the lazy days of summer lounging (you know how free time can get to you!). 
   I have made a little "side list" of some projects I plan to get done before starting classes again and a second job (fingers crossed!). Some items on the list are re-opening my etsy shop in a new form, dying with natural items, making bagels and doughnuts, re-designing my blog, doing a few more photo shoots  and making a head board for my bed. Can I finish this list?! Time will tell. Readers, what projects are you looking forward to completing before this summer ends?


  1. You always look so lovely and your summer sounds like a nice one :) I don't have too many projects going on, mostly small tasks, but I am working on making my living room and bedroom more homey and settled looking. I love how those spray painted bottles look. I have a bunch of empty bottles so I might have to try that.

  2. sounds like a great summer plan, and that pesto pasta looks amazing. xox

  3. omg you're too cute. i'm so your newest follower x

  4. The natural dying is so intriguing, can't wait to see what you come up with! Love that blouse on you :) And that pasta with cucumbers looks divine!

    <3 Megan

  5. Your outfit is adorable <3 I'm finishing up my last summer class too, I've been trying to read more and finish this video game (Sword and Sworcery).

  6. I like this skirt and blouse. So dainty :D

  7. i followed you)
    now it`s your turn)

  8. such a cute and vintage look



  9. that's such a pretty outfit, i love the top and the skirt! i had so many plans for the summer, but now i'm finding it hard to find time for everything, haha:-) x

  10. you definitely need some time for summer lounging. if i didn't get my own time, i wouldn't be too pleased, hah. good luck on the bagel and donut endeavor :)


  11. Sounds like you're really busy! Good luck with your projects. And the skirt looks amazing on you!

    XO Imke

  12. I love your whole outfit! Lace and florals? Yes! Love your blog!
    Following you via Bloglovin!
    Sincerely, Sara

  13. you are so productive! love your things to do before summer is over. pls show us your headboard when you're finished!

  14. wow! what a great list. i really hope to finish a photo book of our little family and one for piri, our cocker spaniel. i want to re-do the wall art in the apartment. and re-organize my bookshelves! oh perhaps finishing that scrapbook of my wedding and honeymoon that's been on hold for the past four years... eeps!

  15. love your outfit!
    i think i want to make soem doughnuts as well! mmmm.
    im looking to complete a drawing series of the "blood and ice cream trilogy"!

  16. Oh, what a fun sounding list. Mine are mostly boring paperwork or household related.

    You look cute as a button in these too- love your hair up and seeing around your home town a bit.


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