Monday, July 8, 2013

three little tulips

(everything worn here is vintage or thrifted) 

   You can tell things are starting to become my normal schedule again when I purchase a new planner. My life as of lately has been up in the air and unorganized, not necessarily bad, just unlike the usual weeks of my time. This summer I have not been as booked-up to the rim as my normal days consisted of, and I honestly have missed it. Things are filling back up again, and I am excited to write down some tasks and to-do lists in my bright pink planner. (I am strange, I know!)
   I am a huge fan of finding quotes or writing in random places, inspirational and kind of course (such as the last photograph above). Back when I was in high school, a friend and I would write random things on street corners and parks in hope to brighten others days. It always makes my day when I find these little things. 


  1. Lovely lady in red. Your photos are beautiful :) ♥


  2. you are so cute and that dress is awesome!

  3. You look so adorable :) Love your dress. And that field of flowers is amazing! You are lucky as there is nothing like that anywhere near me (that I know of).

  4. that is sweet! I like to do similar things, like leave a penny heads up for someone to find.

    your dress/hair/everything is adorable!

  5. well done on those thrift finds! and what a glorious tunic. :D

  6. cute your feet tattoos

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  7. wow! so awesome, look so adorable :D
    love yout outfit <3<3

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  8. I alwys love to start a new planner- its always like a new change to start up all over and to change everything ;). I also love to write things in my planner and to look foward to nice dates and vacation while looking at the date in the planner... have fun with yours :)


  9. you're so adorable - i love your dress

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // bloglovin

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  10. aw i love that you'd write random notes on corners for people to find. that's the sweetest thing. also, your MAP TATTOO! amazing.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  11. Your outfit is so cute! x


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