Wednesday, October 2, 2013

inspirational abode: kathy's bedroom (my peach days)

   I am so pleased to bring you October's "Inspirational Abode" post, featuring the cutest dressed lady and her love for all things girly. Kathy, from My Peach Days (a personal style blog), decided to share her bedroom details (the rest of her place is being remodeled) with us today from her home in the Philippines  She is lover of romance novels, polka dot obsessed, and an avid writer; which all of these are showcased through her room design. 

   (Lindsey) If you had to describe your decorating style in one word, what would that be? (Kathy) "Feminine. I just gravitate towards feminine pieces and colors."

   What mood are you trying to create with this space? "A cheerful mood! I want to wake up and go home to a cheerful room, with cutesy pieces, greeting me. You might also find lots of pieces from my childhood in my room. I hold on to them because of the rush of nostalgia they evoke."
   What are your favorite spot for picking up items for your space? What kind of items draw you in? "The bookstore! They actually have really cute pieces there. I bought that fake camera from our local bookstore. It’s actually a coin bank."

   What kinds of things influenced your design? "Occasionally, I find myself influenced by colorful Kpop album posters. What’s really great about them is that they are a mixture of my two loves: Kpop and vintage. For instance, one of SNSD’s albums features a 60’s theme with lots of candy colors and vibrant setting. I also love the setting of their “I Got a Boy” music video."
   How does your personal style (clothing wise) cross over into your interiors? "My style is greatly influenced by the 50's and 60's. You will find me wearing preppy, school girl-like outfits, rockabilly-inspired outfits and 60's dresses. I am also in love with dainty floral and polka-dotted prints. My love for those prints is evident in my room. Also, my room is overtaken by books. These books often influence how I style myself for the day."

   What is the best advice you can give someone who is re-decorating/gathering inspiration for interior design? "Stay true to your aesthetics. Add “warming” accents like photos or drawings as they really add more personality to your room. Use whatever you have with you to decorate your room – your beautiful hardbound books or a gorgeous dress. You don’t really need to spend so much."
     My bedroom would not be complete without... "books!"
   One color that I could never live without in a room... "Yellow. It’s just such a comforting color. This color gets me through the dreary monsoon season."

     Tell us about your favorite piece in your bedroom. "One of my favorite things in my room is my carousel music box. I loved listening to it…until my younger cousins pointed out that it sounds like the theme song for that Korean drama (which now has a local version), Temptation of Wife. After listening to the theme song, I had to agree. Needless to say, I didn't want to play it so much now."

"Inspirational Abode" is a new monthly column for Hello, Mr. Rabbit, that stared in August.  Do you have a home that you want to share with others? Do you feel your space is inspiring? Send me an email at with a few photographs and a little bit about your abode. I cannot wait to be inspired be your personal habitat and have it inspire others. 


  1. Hi there, Lindsey Louise! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am so inspired to see yours! I love your header. The interview about the yellow room is awesome, and I totally agree with her advice and her ideas. Lovely!


  2. Looks like a cozy place, I love the floral bedspread

  3. kathy is really cute ...really lovely home ^^
    happy day


  4. Thanks again Lindsey for the feature! <3<3<3


  5. Cute space! It's definitely feminine & cheerful :) Great series!

  6. ohh her room is adorable, very dreamy and feminie!

  7. Her room is so cute! After meeting your wonderful self I think this is just so YOU at the same time!

  8. Neat series, Lindsay.

    My favorite part of her room was her favorite part too. What an adorable music "box"

  9. So cute! I love all the colors and collections here!

    Ladyface Blog

  10. There is just one word to describe this room...whimsical and sunny and crafty and fun...well ok I guess there is more then one word.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  11. Awww I love this little lady's blog! Her room is a dream!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. This is really really amazing room, ahh I want it, how lovely! Such an inspiration <3

  13. Beautiful! follow each other on GFC?

  14. Cutest bedroom ever. What a lovely vintage feeling it has..

    x Joana, When You Dream Big


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