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inspirational people: vol. 8 (cristina rose)

  I couldn't bring any more joy to present October's "Inspirational People" interview  I suppose Cristina Rose, of Violet Woods, perfectly fits this month as well. I first found Cristina on her Instagram, which later led me to finding her blog. Her blog is filled with interviews of talented and inspiring folk, herbal remedies, beautiful writing, and her daily items. 
   Rarely showcasing photographs of herself, she inspires in such a unique and a "peering into a keyhole" kind of way. The tiny pieces of her daily life inspire me to take time for self reflection and journaling, while showcasing beauty through arrangements and warm drinks. After learning more about the mysterious lady behind the watercolors and novels, I hope you become inspired as I did. 

    (Lindsey) Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. (Cristina)"I am an artist, maker, and blogger dwelling in southern California. I believe in leading a healing/nourishing lifestyle and everyday i strive to be best i can for myself and let that shine through. That's one of my goals with creating be it a painting, knitwear or home decor - to use pieces of earth and dreams and tell a story while hopefully inspiring or healing someone along the way. 
I believe in enjoying the simple things in life, making the best of any situation or taking the warmest bubble bath on a rough day. My goals in life are to have a beautiful home in the woods with a garden, to be surrounded with family, friends, good delicious home cooked meals and love all around. I live by love and rise at dawn."

      What kind of lifestyle do you strive to live?"A life filled with magic, nature, laughter, growth and overcoming obstacles with grace."

     You're such a talent with watercolors and any art I have seen that you've created. What is your favorite part about creating a piece? What is your process to creation? "Oh goodness thank you! favorite part is creating a story or painting an image in my head and then going in to bring it to life that's what excites me - even though you go through (many) changes, variations I learned to love that part and go with the waves instead of fighting against it..creating is a ritual for me, i love my desk surrounded by pieces of earth and curio, i put on music accompanied by a cup of tea and start to create!

       When did you decide to start blogging? "Well I had my blog in winter of 2011 but I was mostly posting things that inspired me, but then that didn't inspire me, so between 2011-mid 2012 I really pondered over what direction I wanted to go, around this time I was able to join Instagram and began documenting my life and art so that really influenced me. 
I also found out my health issues were the culprit of food allergies and I really got involved with natural health/focused on leading a clean lifestyle. I am in a healthier place now compared to a year ago, both of mind and spirit. I love documenting/blogging because  memories are treasures & capturing an image/sharing reflections that means something to you is no different than completing a painting. I love writing - I am a dreamer at heart and journal often writing wherever my heart takes me and meeting new people along the way."
      What are some of your favorite blogs to read? "As for blogs, oh goodness. I love so many but sometimes i get so busy so i am behind! I love design*sponge, freunde von freunden and lingered upon for design. I love sincerely kinsey, strawberry koi, rebekka seale, moon and trees and kinfolk for lifestyle. I love Woolgathering & Wildcrafting, an apple a day, grass doe for nature inspiration. I love the local rose, cauldrons & crockpots, my new roots for health & recipes. And yours of course!"

  What are your favorite reads? (I almost always see your pictures with a book placed in them!) "I love anything by Francesca Lia Block, Anais Nin, old fairy-tales  mythology, poetry. Lately I am reading a book on the history of feathers/birds."

  How would you describe your own personal sense of style? "Well, I am conundrum. I love 1930's-1950's eras but I also love the class romantic, rustic/country and the modern minimal style..Samantha Pleet, Nina Ricci, Ruche, Creatures of comfort, Anthropologie, Jenny Packham, Madewell anything from the Bonadrag shop & Up the Wooden Hills are some of my favorites  Although I often go thrifting and get secondhand pieces! My dad instilled the love of vintage shopping and I thank him for that all the time!
As for me, it totally depends. If I'm going out I love to dress up be it a vintage inspired outfit or polished meets rustic. If I'm just going to be at home or running errands I look to comfort: neutral tones, soft tees & skinny jeans!"

  Where are your top places to gather inspiration? "Photography, old illustration plates, nature, dreams, magical realist films, books, museums and journals."

 What is a fall tradition(s) you participate in every year? "Searching for pumpkins, consuming and making autumnal meals (think butternut squashes, apple cider, pumpkin anything) going for walks in the park and when our bones are tired, bringing out the blanket to sit and enjoy the cool weather with a thermos of something warm and fragrant, reading or writing letters with the sound of falling raindrops...I could go on forever! Fall is my favorite season!"

(all photographs found on Cristina's Flickr, here.) 

  If you could share with us one thing you've learned within the past year, what would that be? "Love yourself. Be your own best friend and take yourself on adventures, nourish yourself, trust your instincts. Create your own happiness."

  Who were you in a previous life? "Snow White and/or Belle." 

Find more of Cristina on her blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


  1. Hi Lindsey! Thank you for the sweet comment on my page. It means a lot to me to hear comments or feedback from others. Your page is so creative and fun! I enjoy your inspiration people post. I, too, feel the same way about other bloggers I meet on the web. :)

  2. Love this! You images are amazing, they have such a lovely feel to them- as does your writing style!

  3. Inspirational surrounding it is! Love those photos!

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  4. These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! xx

  5. Love the pictures! The watercolors look really nice :)

  6. Great post dear! I so like these images. Looking forward to seeing your future posts.

    What Kenny Hearts, a Lifestyle Blog by Kenny.

  7. Great post and now I know you are a great artist!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  8. This interview was really heart warming to read, her Instagram is great as well.

  9. This post is sooooo inspiring!

    Xo, Hannah

  10. This women is so inspiring, thanks for showing us to her!

  11. oh goodness, I am barely getting around to read + take this in but thank you so much beautiful I am genuinely honored to have been featured. Xxoo


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