Tuesday, November 26, 2013

flowers in me, feeling like a vase

(coffee and bakery treats at the Filling Station.) 

(cashmere coat: for sale, vase print dress: for sale, beret: h&m, tights: target

  My Thanksgiving break so far has been quite nice to me; filled with much more free time than usual and using that free time... mostly wisely. I enjoy this "preview" of winter break taking time away from my planner of scheduled essays and tests, and focusing on a few photo shoots and finally organizing the large amount random items I've bought from rummage sales over the past few months. I spent some time reading an art magazine from the 1960's, learning some Spanish from an anatomy foam chart, and wearing slipper socks all times of the day (my apartment is quite drafty). 
  I am normally not one to do this, but I decided to wear a dress and a cashmere coat that I have for sale in my shop. The combination sounded so inviting (the coat is the single most comfortable piece in the world), I couldn't resist because I'd never personally worn them before. I must say I learned my lesson by having to hand stitch part of the dress I sagged on a twig, and that the coat's pockets are so thin my cell phone ripped through and the fall cracked the screen. Yes, this will probably never be happening again, but I'm glad to say all that is fixable and they will stay waiting for their new home... on my garment rack. I also created a Pinterest, which I've been having fun pinning everything in sight. I swore I would never make one, but things do seem to change. You can find me, here


  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying your break! It sounds like it's been great so far!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I always love your daily life shots along side your outfit.

  3. These pictures really made me feel wintery - lovely!

  4. great pictures, your're beautiful :)

  5. I love your outfit & I absolutely love the tire planters! Happy you're enjoying yourself :)

  6. you look so cute, dear! great style)

    visit my blog please) what do you think about following each other? just let me know)
    keep in touch, xoxo
    love, Yulia

  7. Great photos <3
    Check out my latest outfit post :)

    Your Princess is in Another Castle

    xx Sofie

  8. Love the pink beret, SO pretty on you! Digging the tire planter/art thingies, too :)

    <3 Megan

  9. your photos are lovely, as per usual. and pinterest... it is the greatest/worst thing on the entire planet! i caved long ago, and i'm still paying for it. but it's just soo good!

  10. these are beautiful! looks like you are having a fantastic break so far xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  11. Compliments on the photos!

    the ALLAROUNDEVE team

  12. actually, we don't celebrate thanksgiving here in poland. that's so sad, because i really adore this event. i even thank for some things i got (for example living, family etc) in my mind :)
    the photos are amazing!
    happy thanksgiving love,

  13. Sounds and looks like your days have been busy and filled with many wonderful things! It's nice that you're enjoying your break

    xx Carina


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