Wednesday, December 11, 2013

inspirational abode: emory kurysh (helloscarlett)

   This is Emory's home. Let me just say the outside looks just as inviting as the inside does. I was so excited when Emory, from Hello Scarlett Blog, emailed me about allowing her home tour to be showcased on my blog for the monthly column "Inspirational Abode". She resides in Canada with her husband and her multiple pets. Her minimalist decorating and lovely color scheme completely won me over. I hope you enjoy her home tour and become inspired yourself! 

    If you had to describe your decorating style in one word, what would that be? "Can I invent a word? Nat-ern-age. My decorating style is definitely an amalgamation of Natural/Modern/Vintage. I keep a mix of Natural and Modern elements for both my husband and I, whereas the Vintage part comes into play with my Baba's items that have I inherited after her passing."

    What mood are you trying to create with your space? "I am basically trying to create a warm yet minimalist environment in which every piece either has special meaning or serves a purpose. Our house is small (under 750 square feet) and our puppy Truman chews everything that is not nailed down. For those two reasons, it's impossible to have any sort of clutter in our home."

    What is your go-to spot for picking up ideas to decorate with? "Urban Outfitters!"

   What kinds of things influence your interior design? How do you gather inspiration for it? "I get almost all of my design ideas from reading my favourite blogs (Hello, Mr. Rabbit, Skunkboy, A Beautiful Mess, Apartment Therapy, Anthropologie). Whether I see design ideas, DIYs, room tours, or just particular elements in the background, everyday I feel inspired from these sites."
     "Once I become influenced, I somehow come up with the most inventive way to recreate it. Then, I will usually blog it. :-)"

   How does your personal style (choice in clothing) cross over into your interior style? In what ways is it also different? "My personal style is almost the polar opposite of my decorating style. When I dress, I dress for myself. When I decorate our home, I keep in mind what my husband likes and what is safe and comfortable for our animals. I find it fun and also challenging to design with elements that are out of my realm of personal style, and I think that it helps to heighten my sense of creativity as well."

   What is the best advice you can give to someone who is re-decorating or gathering ideas for a re-design? "To live in a space for awhile before you start doing any major renovations! Also, to have fun with decorating and not to be afraid of thinking outside the box. It will only make your home that much more unique and interesting."

   No room would be complete without… "Something that we have DIY-ed."

  One color that I could never life without in a room is"Black."

  Tell us a story about one of your favorite items you featured here.  "Our dining room table. For the past year, my husband and I have not had the space for a kitchen table. We have been eating our meals on our couch with trays and begging animals at our feet. My Baba passed away very recently, and so I've been moving her old furniture into our home piece by piece. 
      In order to make room for her table, I chose to turn half of our entryway into a dining room. This conversion has turned into my favourite room in our house, all because of her table. It is also one of my most cherished items of hers that I now own. I love that I think of my Baba each time that I use it!"

Find more of Emory on her blog and Instagram.

"Inspirational Abode" is a new monthly column for Hello, Mr. Rabbit, that stared in August.  Do you have a home that you want to share with others? Do you feel your space is inspiring? Send me an email at with a few photographs and a little bit about your abode. I cannot wait to be inspired be your personal habitat and have it inspire others. 


  1. Thank you so, so much for having me on your beautiful blog, Lindsey! I couldn't have asked for a better experience or place to be featured for my very first time. You're amazing. :-)))


  2. The world is so small! Emory and I are from the same remote city on the Canadian prairies. Hi dear! <3

  3. Such a gorgeous home :) it's quite minimalist but still quirky and you can definitely see Emory's style :) I love it and will be checking out her blog now - thanks for introducing us to new bloggers :)
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx

  4. Her home is absolutly gorgeous, I love this kind of decoration. Lovely post.

    Joing my giveaway here !
    Parisian Fairytale

  5. omg this is so inspiring <3 i wish i had flat like that *___*

  6. what a beautiful home!! I admire her minimalistic style. I am trying to get rid of things I've collected but really don't need.

  7. beautiful photos!

  8. Fun to take a peek into another's home :)


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