Sunday, March 23, 2014

champagne showers

(cape c/o: sammy dress, socks: target, tote: fieldguided, everything else is vintage or thrifted) 

I believe I have found a new favorite brunch spot and treasure-filled antique store.. all under one roof. Vivilore is one of the most amazing places I have discovered recently, and I can’t wait to take another trip back (even though I was just seated there yesterday). I feel as though I could spend an hour just walking around each room and admiring the many pieces carefully placed in their collections. I was invited to attend the first Kansas City Blogger Brunch, which is how I discovered Vivilore. The brunch was hosted by Hello Cheeseburger, The Adored Life, and Tulip (along with various other sponsors). The brunch was fantastic,  their decorating/seating arrangement of the upstairs area was the cutest, and I loved the handful of mimosas I drank as well.  I can’t wait to bring some friends to Vivilore’s back patio during the warmer months.
The dress I wore during this event was actually a nightgown my grandmother gave me a year ago, which she purchased from a thrift store. I couldn’t resist this print, so after she gave it to me I shortened the length and have been wearing it with a belt ever since. Although spring is officially here for the year, it still snowed yesterday in Kansas City.. so I’m still dressing like it’s winter, with thigh high sweater socks, capes, and dark shades. And that’s honestly perfect, because this chilly weather can stay awhile longer.


  1. Macarons & Succulents? = perfect combination (also would make for an awesome blog or band name)

    Im sold.

  2. Haha I read the bag as "there is thunder in our pants" and had to do a double take! I am slightly disappointed hahah! LOVE your outfit and the photos are so beautiful!

    Kirsten |

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming! Thank you also for this awesome recap, you totally captured Vivilore in such a gorgeous way!

  4. So much inspirational gorgeousness! Love this photo set <3 Alex

  5. Adorable! I must come and visit you!

  6. That dress is gorgeous! {I can't believe it was a nightgown!} There were so many gorgeous pieces in those pictures, and the macaroons look quite delectable!
    Brooke//Silver Linings

  7. Such pretty adventures you have! I love the color & print of your dress, and I've always thought that tote was super cute! :)

    <3 Megan

  8. super dreamy photos. it looks like you had so much fun! that brunch spot looks amazing too.
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  9. at first sigh i wondered what was this place, an antique store, you grandma's house, a museum. this is so amazing, i wish there was a place like this across the street, i would be there every day!


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