Saturday, March 29, 2014

mysterious roads

(tights: target, everything else is thrifted or vintage)

    I have not took the normal route for my spring break this year. It was too chilly for my boyfriend and I's original plans to go to Eureka Springs (we would have been camping), or even to simply camp somewhere nearby. With the weather the way it always is in the midwest, I've been staying around town working setting up my shop and charity event. I can always seem to find things that I need to work on, and those have been keeping me quite busy while my plans fell through. 
    Earlier this week, my boyfriend and I decided to take a small day-trip into Kansas since the weather was too cold for our previous plans. We are both fans of anything "haunted" and "slightly-creepy", and that's where the idea of visiting Stull Kansas came to my mind (you can read more about it here and here, it's quite creepy.) My boyfriend has visited years ago with friends in the nighttime, but I opted for a daytime visit in hopes to explore and see what all the tall-tales were about. Needless to say (proof of the lack of photographs) the tales were true about the locals chasing out anyone who dared to come to their town. I was hoping to walk through the graveyard to see if I could find the rubble from the old church, or the supposed "stairway to Hell" behind it. As we arrived to Stull, parked my car in the church parking lot, walked to the abandoned fire station to take a few pictures, and then out of no where two large trucks pulled up blocking the view of the cemetery. Slightly confused, we walked back to my car and drove out of town, while the trucks followed us to the main road and then turned back around. It was a silent way of them telling us to leave. 
    I was disappointed about Stull and the lack of documenting anything really, but the "something is wrong here" feelings were all on point. The tiny, almost abandoned town, is probably the single-handedly creepiest place I've been in my life (and I love exploring places like this). If you have been thinking about visiting, I am not sure if I would suggest going. But then again, I might try and go back again one day. 
    After our short trip to Stull, we headed to Lawrence to go to a favorite antique mall in the downtown area. There were so many treasures to be found, and so many things I wish I could have brought home with me. We later went to Free State Brewing Company, then Billy Vanilly Cupcakes (where I decided to get three small cupcakes so I could try different flavors). All and all, our little day trip was a bit interesting/strange, but Lawrence is always a great town to go to escape the "big city" for awhile. 


  1. OOOh, I adore the vintage feel to all this pictures and you outfit is amazing! Sad that it was to cold for your camping trip but the trip to that town did sound really cool too, (I don't know I would dare to go though)

    I hope you can go camping soon :D

  2. That place is the perfect place to make a creepy-halloween photo shooting! Love it! and those cupcakes, yuum, you already made me hungry.
    Thanks for your comment in my blog, lindsey. Love yours, specially the vintage shades in the photos ♥ followed :)

    Lottie | Little Once Upon a Time

  3. Hello dear great blog,I'm new follower,hope you can follow me too :)

  4. Lovely pictures - you have amazing style! :)

  5. OMG! i love every pictures here><
    Esp.the first photo, that mural arts really cool!!><

    visit my blog pwwease !!<3 Adventure of P-chan!

  6. Beautiful post, oh how I do love old cameras, that shop looks like heaven for me.

    Your hat is most adorable too x

  7. That's so creepy about the trucks! I don't think I'd like to visit there haha xxx

  8. Oh man, I've never been up to Stull, but from what I've heard, the locals hate the publicity. I would, though, happily take another trip to Lawrence anytime :) I guess they have a cool new Ramen restaurant that I've been wanting to try.

  9. Love these photos! that shops looks wonderfullllll :)


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