Wednesday, October 17, 2012

day trip: part 2 warrensburg/cave hollow

   the rest of our day together included both of our favorite things to do: thrifting and getting iced chai. we stopped at a local coffee shop in the downtown warrensburg area called java junction. the owner/barista made us each an iced chai with soy. this coffee shop is also a roasting plant for their own coffee beans, which is wonderful to have in such a tiny college town. if i lived here, this is where i could buy my beans from! if there is one thing i am a snob about, it's my coffee. 
   we then walked down the the salvation army to scout out any items that we could not live without. we went to this thrift store last time i was in town, but this time there were actually items i bought. i purchased a painting of two dear and a cute, little pink wallet with bunnies sewn on. each of these were only one dollar! there is a giant vintage store/flea market very close buy, so needless to say we looked through every booth and spent a lot of time in this store. alexis bought a few items and i found a few vintage purses i loved, but decided i could live without them (there is the cheap side of me coming out!). when we were both starving  we ate at a local mexican restaurant for a late lunch. i later ventured home to finish homework and some last second readings for classes the next day. i think i love day trips more than longer travels, because this way i get to sleep in my bed that evening! 
   readers, where are your favorite places to go for day trips? 


  1. Great photos and I LOVE Mother Goose!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. i love thrifting days! how fun

    lovely blog girl!

  3. Oh! I love your blog!! You have beautiful vintage pieces on here, lady! And the pictures are gorgeous! Definitely following, hope you follow back!


  4. i love your retro look dear!!
    i have not forgotten you for the feature

  5. This sounds like a fun day! I never go on things that could count as day trips, actually, I just stick with going places close by, haha.

  6. Gorgeous skirt, love the red and blue combo!



  7. This is such a cute post and looks like my kind of day! My favorite place to day trip is this little down about an hr. away from me called Lewisburg. It's full of antique shops, and cafes, and a small movie theater and book store and it's just so charming.

    Thanks so much for your kind comment. Following you now too :) xo Marisa

  8. what a great post! always love some action shots! this area looks so charmnig! love it!


  9. You coudn't look any more perfect

  10. i love your outfit and i know my husband and i would hang out for hours at java junction. we are coffee lovers and the mom and pop type of coffee shop lovers

  11. beautiful post!!Your blog is so lovely! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria

  12. your pics are so antiquely beautiful!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

    follow each other?

  13. such a classy and chic look! love that peplum top :)

  14. That top is really flattering!

  15. Great blog!! Love all your pics!! Would you like to follow each other?

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  16. Oh my gosh your hand bag... swoooon! I love it! Looks like you had a great trip- I'm off to grab a coffee and do some back reading :) Super blog!

    *waves hello* from a new follower, Hazel x

  17. thanks for your cute comment on my blog!
    beautiful photos! want to follow eachother ?
    I followed you ^-^

  18. Sound like you had a best time :) I love fleamarkets, but with the weather cooling down, I won't be visiting so much :(

    I really like the outfit you are wearing! pencil skirts + peplum tops are SO cute ^^ x

  19. Those cat figurines are absolutely adorable!
    Any day-time trip near the sea is my fav. :))

    Btw, thanks for the comment. I really like your blog as well. Follow each other (I'm following you now)? :)

  20. Your blog is so cute and vintage like! I really love it, now following :)


  21. I live in Warrensburg! So so so great getting to see the town from someone else's point of view!!


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