Wednesday, October 31, 2012

i put a spell on you

   happy all hallows eve everyone! i hope you have had a spooky, wonderful, and safe halloween evening. i did not technically dress up in a costume today, i just decided to dress in mostly black and "darkish" and had inspiration from the film- the craft. after only watching old (and some new) horror movies, dressing up in costumes from my closet, and obsessing over jack-o-lantern cravings, i can't believe the halloween season has come to an end! with endings there is always a great beginning  getting prepared for thanksgiving! thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; i am so excited for all of the delicious food/desserts, all of the get togethers my family has that day, and the baking that happens the day before to prepare. 
   also, a happy birthday wish to my mother (i know she is reading this :), her birthday is halloween! we went to waldo pizza for dinner this evening, which is a favorite, local place of mine. they even have a full vegan menu for any non-animal product eaters. as a present, she got a new canon camera body, which i am so jealous of! i spent the rest of my night at home and watched the original halloween slasher film, that was on television. i feel as if that film was a great way to end this halloween season.

   i have also had the wonderful opportunity to do a guest post on leah's blog, here! a little recap on missouri town, 1855 festival i went to earlier this year. check this out, if you would like to! 


  1. even if you didn't have an intentional costume, it turned out so cute! love the shots in the forest. happy halloween!

  2. great mood on here, as always! :-)
    happy birthday to your mum! she sounds like such a cool lady, with a new camera and all! :-)

  3. Loved your Halloween Day pictures. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes. Love, Mom

  4. Very cool photos! Hope you had a great Halloween! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  5. your pictures are little pieces of art!
    i hope you had an awesome halloween night;)
    love and kiss,mary

  6. I like your new banner!
    Aw, now I want pizza. Thanks a lot. :p

  7. Lovely pictures!! Happy halloween :)

  8. Awesome post, dear! And very cute blog!

    I`m your follower now.
    And I`ll be SOO happy, if you follow me too:-)



  9. hi honey!! lovely blog!!

    Im following u!


  10. Amazing look

  11. Love the eye make-up! You look great in glassess too!

  12. I enjoyed very much this post Lindsey. Well the pictures were so good and scary at the same time! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm going to follow you (gfc, bloglovin, lookbook etc) and hope you'll follow back if you like!Happy Bday to your mom :-) kisses Coco

  13. I enjoyed this post Lindsey. Very original. Thank you for your comment on my blog. It would be nice if we follow each other's blog. I am following now on GFC. Have a good day! Pamela

  14. Amazing pictures and pizza!!Love this post!)

  15. I love all the pictures. They have been clicked so well.
    Love them all.


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