Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the joy in discovery

   i have been so please lately with the time i take to explore places. when i say places, i mean anywhere... a hiking trail, nearby park, an antique store i've never been too, the list goes on. i started writing, in my journal, tips for being "an explorer in an urban world". sounds kind of silly, but it was fun writing this list (i'll scan it and post it on here soon!). sometimes i think to myself, that i am so happy i started this blog, because it makes me photograph so much more. on that subject, it also makes me go out and explore more (at least, i feel like it does!). 

   i have also realized i am now an "official" college student. i pulled my first, almost, all-nighter (and all morning) on a project for one of my education classes. i was rushing to even finish before i had to leave to go to class. this is normally not me because i like to work on projects over time, but i completely spaced it off until yesterday evening. then, just to my luck, it is not even due until next week. well, at least it is all complete! i finished off the rest of my day walking around a trail in the suburbs, getting coffee with a friend, and now to finish an essay for an english class. needless to say, i'm ready for a full, good night's sleep. 
   readers, would you consider yourself as more of an "outdoors person" or an "indoors person"? (if you read my blog, you can tell which one i am!) 


  1. i was just saying to my flatmate the other day how we live in a city that you have to discover - so bit by bit, you find these little treasured places - and even after six years of living in the same place you can still find new things that were always there, you just didn't know about them. Lovely! x

    ps. happy sleeping - the best bit is the slow morning that follows the good sleep after an all nighter :-)

  2. Lovely outfit and photos as always!!! :)

    Love, Maria

  3. I love to wander around and to go for exploration tours. The bridge there looks sooo similar to one over here. I love old bridges and hidden railwayroads, forgetten factories, all these "lost places"... :)

  4. Great photos!!!!!
    I love discovering new antique stores and great flea markets. So many new places to discover!!!!
    Hope you have a fab week!!!!

  5. your photos are awesome , you are so cute !!

    i love the new apparence of your blog , nice draw !


  6. Lovely pics, lovely look!Great blog. What about following each other?

  7. SO cute! i really love how you mixed the dots prints on tartan. so cool! <3


  8. Your style is so cute! I would love to read your tips on being an explorer in an urban world!! xx

  9. I love that skirt! I am a sucker for dresses and skirts with pockets! xo

  10. thank u so much lindsey ^^
    is it a dress or a skirt? it«s so lovely, loved it

    much love,

  11. these pictures are absolutely stunning doll <3 i loveeee your glasses! soo cute

    Alexa <3

  12. Lovely photos! Your outfits are always so sweet. I know the feeling of all nighters far too well, university is hectic! (you're American right? College is University to us!!)

    louisejoyb x

  13. I really like your style! Very vintage and fun, the polka dot pattern with the plaid goes together oh so lovely! I'm in college too.. it seems like non stop homework haha. At least this semester is almost over! :) And I think I'm more of an out doors person.. I love the sun on my face and the wind blowing through my hair. There is no better feeling than that!


  14. aw your outfit is so cute! all of your hopping makes me think you're a bunny :)
    I remember those nights as a college student...although I guess I still am a "student" haha our grades matter a little less now though :x
    is your top connected to your skirt? is it a dress?? either way, it's a very cute vintage look :)



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