Monday, November 12, 2012

house of leaves

   today was exactly how fall is suppose to feel, cold enough to have to wear a sweater, but not enough to have to wear a winter coat with many layers. my thought to be a "jam-packed busy" day, ended up being freed for some open time due to an afternoon class of mine being canceled! i have a huge presentation for one of my education classes tomorrow about my internship, so there is still a lot of finishing touches i need to place on it. with this extra time i was planning on, i ventured to the waldo antique store, where i looked around at items for sale. i had not been here in over two years, so i thought the flea market was open whenever the store was open, but it's only open on saturdays! which was a giant let-down, since that is the best part (and the part that i can afford!). i am now planning out my saturday and making sure that i go back when it is open. 
   with some leaves i had picked through at a park, i've been figuring out the process of leaf stamping. it's actually extremely difficult to make them turn out the way i want! later in the week, i plan on picking up a canvas from the art store next to my loft, to make a larger print of random assortment of leaves that will be stamped. i'll probably be using all neutral colors, and i may even try and attach a few leaves i have hand-pressed. 
   readers, what kind of art/projects/diys do you make with natural items? 


  1. i like your nails, & how well they look with the deep jewel tone red of your dress. so pretty! it's such a bummer, when you go somewhere & they aren't open. :P boo! hope you have fun the next time you go.

  2. beautiful! love this vintage feel to all your pictures :)

  3. I love that dress! My daughter loves making mixed media prints with or without natural elements. She'll draw or paint and then add things with glue or clips.

  4. Beautiful dress ans pretty pictures! I love the one with the books! Books always look great on pictures, I don't know how they do to be so photogentic !?
    Also like your glasses... I need some new ones and don#t know yet for which shape to decide :)

  5. that dress, that dress! absolutely precious!

  6. Nice dress and lovely pics.

  7. You look lovely and I like that your dress matches the leaves. <3


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