Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas peak: the day (part 2)

   yes, the day did arrive! for my family's christmas, we always wake up early to exchange our presents with one another. my dad prepares us all soy nog lattes in the morning, and we snack on pumpkin scones and other baked goodies. after our early morning traditions, we head to my grandma and grandpa's house for more family breakfast and many cups of coffee, for myself. a few hours pass there, and we head to my granny's again to see more of the family there.
   this was a year of four christmases for me. my boyfriend and i have never went to each other's family christmases (although we live together/in a serious relationship) we did not want to have to cut times at each other's functions. i usually do not have plans in the evening on christmas, so i headed to his last family gathering of the day. it is such a wonderful feeling when you can walk into another families home and feel as welcome as ever (and even have a gift under the tree waiting for you.. they did not even know i was coming!). this christmas was full of old traditions, and with a few new ones to add to my list for the future. 


  1. Your skirt is adorable!! Love the coat with the little kitty on it!

  2. Awww, this is a lovely post, I'm glad you had such a wonderful, love filled day. Absolutely love your outfit, that dress is gorgeous, and your white tights look so cosy xo

  3. sounds like an amazing christmas! so happy you had a wonderful one. i am in love with your darling coat! :)

  4. LURVE this outfit! hehe lol Jeez, just..everything! You can tell you feel very pretty in these photos too :) Nice confidence, lady! Love how clothes do that for ya!

    <3 Meg

  5. love the whole outfit and your boots are to die for! Happy Holidays!


  6. Love your outfit !
    your boots so adorable ;)

    following you now. hope you follow back ;)

  7. Christmas traditions are the best. My parents always wake up to exchange presents too, and we always have the same system of who opens them when. We always have the yule log on the TV, too since we don't have a fireplace. I feel the same way as you...I went to so many different places. Both of my grandparents' houses, my uncle's, my boyfriend's aunt's, and my brother's! It's good to see everyone, though. :)

  8. You are looking great and the decoration on your christmas tree is so cute! Love it :)

  9. I adore your style! always fresh, cute and pretty. And the new banner with bunnies is awesome! Take some time and check my blog ..

  10. Super cute! I really like your style. It's adorable!

    I would love to follow each other!

    Simply follow me with GFC, and then comment on any of my posts to let me know that you’re following. After that, I’ll follow you back 100%.

    See you soon! <3

  11. love this outfit! The boots are to die for, and I adore the pop of yellow. Happy Holidays!

  12. Cute outfit


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