Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas peak: the eve (part 1)

(eating at a mexican restaurant near our loft. our sever, out of holiday kindness, paid for our whole meal.)

   merry (a day late) christmas to all of my readers! i hope everyone enjoyed their holidays to the fullest. i took a little break from blogging to spend time with family and close friends to celebrate this time of the year, but now i am going to share what my holiday time was spent like. for christmas eve, my family and i always go to my granny's in the evening. i feasted on vegan potato casserole, veggie sausages, a mixture of veggies, & and desserts. this year, we decided to bring many board-games over to play with everyone, and the winner's would receive scratch-off lottery cards (a few of us won some cash/another ticket).
   every christmas eve, my sister and i exchange presents that night. this year, we decided to do "diy" presents. i made her a customized coffee mug (which i used sharpie to draw doodles on) and thrifted her a blazer to fix up a bit. she painted me a portrait of a girl using all of my favorite colors. we also open up "christmas pajamas  from our mom to wear the next morning. ah, how i love christmas traditions. readers, what are some of your holiday traditions that you practice each year?


  1. What a cute outfit! Glad to hear you had a lovely day

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love your header and your glitter nails :D


  3. you look adorable! and all that food looks yummy— merry christmas, lindsey!

  4. your festive nails are amazing. and i LOVEEEE jenga! i got so excited to see those fun wooden blocks haha :)

  5. great look and beautiful photos

    happy holidays


  6. i love how you pair the coat with bright red top! happy christmas eve to you dear :D

  7. This is wonderful! Love the DIY crafts you and your sister gave eachother. Cute idea with doodling on a cup with a sharpie. Glad you had a good christmas!
    Happy New Years

  8. cute coat! lovely holiday photos!

  9. I really like the colours of your outfit!! =)

  10. Lovely photos! I just love Christmas.

    I'm trying to start a new tradition of making everyone a little something for Christmas. This year I made my brother, bestfriend, and boyfriend bracelets and made my mom a necklace. But most of my family traditions consist of a lot of cooking, baking, and eating and we always have to watch the Grinch who Stole Christmas (the original)! :)

  11. You look so cute!I love Christmas traditions too < 3

  12. Love your nail polish!! (:


  13. Great post,I LOVE your blog!
    Following you now hope you follow me back :)

  14. Awesome look! Cool hat :)

    I like your blog, how about following each other via GFC / Bloglovin' / Facebook?

    I would love to ♥
Follow me and let me know so that I could immediately follow you back, be sure!

    My blog is here:

  15. Lovely coat dear, glad it was a good holiday! That nail polish is awesome too, care to share what kind? :)

    <3 Megan


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