Saturday, January 12, 2013

a winter's tale

(breakfast nook, new coffee mugs.) 

(letter organizer I thrifted today.) 

   Oh my, the last weekend of my winter break has arrived. For so long, it seems, my life has had no scheduling and been focused on moving/unpacking my new home. I have pretty much finished up everything, except for the getting rid of boxes and a few final items to be brought to the house, which comes with perfect timing. Ready to get back in the swing of school and having a busy week. 
   I spent some of the day thrifting (in which I bought a chair and some dollies), showing friends my new home, and going to Paper Source to buy some washi tape and other craft supplies. As in yesterday's post, a few of the pieces I am wearing are from Megan (Kiddo Tv), through our thrift swap. The lovely items she sent me include the scarf, the cutest collar clip ever, the red hat, and the skirt. All of these items fit/are my style perfectly, and I can't wait to send her the pieces I picked out for her! 


  1. aww i love going to the thriftstore and looking through all the racks in my freetime. this was actually something i did a lot in high school and college. you look so cute, love the scarf :) good luck with school again!
    xx rae

  2. You look adorable!!!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  3. Cute as usual!
    I love that mug holder! Quite convenient! I'm going to have to go thrifting and find myself one!

  4. I love your cardigan clip! So cute, and your layering is spot on.

  5. You are ADORABLE. I needed this layering reminder for the cold. Love!


  6. I really like that scarf. I always wear scarves like that, the pattern is so amazingly preppy! X

  7. the letter organizer is really nice!!

  8. nice look!!! love your scarf

  9. That skirt is SEXY, girl! lol Love the boots, too. You styled everything so beautifully! Your home decor is still killin' me, that letter holder is so purdy. You inspire me, friend!

    <3 Megan

  10. Hello :) I have to say that I simply love your blog :) Everything from your pictures to the layout is simple yet lovely :) I love it :)

    I'm following you at once :)


  11. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?


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