Sunday, January 6, 2013

january sponsor: courtnie marie ross

   Hello, readers! I am currently in the process of moving and decorating my new home, and have not been able to update as frequetly, which is why I will be taking a few days off from blogging (then excited to do a "new home" post!). 
   On this note, I would like to introduce you to one of my sponsors this month (and a friend since kindergarten), Courtnie Marie Ross. While just finishing up with professional make-up school in Los Angeles, she is a hairstylist and model too. This triple threat calls Kansas City her home town, but looks forward to her future booking across the country. 

1. Tell us a bit about who you are. I'm a professional makeup artist and hair stylist and I also am a freelance model work in Kansas City and LA, and hopefully in Chicago and New York soon. I consider myself very ambitious, I have lots of dreams. I really want to be able to inspire people and hope I do.

2. Tell us about your style. I usually just wear whatever I like, but a lot of my inspiration has been from Audrey Kitching and Kat Von D when it comes to my style. I've looked up to them for awhile now.

2. What is the proudest moment in your career, so far? This summer, when I went to Makeup Designory in California. I feel like I have progressed a lot, but not just career wise... like I have learned and grown more as a person. I was literally living my dream. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers while I was out there and I'm so grateful for that. My portfolio has grown so much because of it. It was definitely the most fulfilling experience of my life so far.

5. Quote that you live by? "I let go of the past to find a new beginning."

Contact/book Courtnie: Website, Model Mayhem, Facebook page, Twitter, or email: courtniemarie(at)makeuphairbycourtnie(dot)com 


  1. Your blog is something very special.I really enjoyed reading your data.Hair stylist Keep it up.

  2. I miss summer watching these pics!

  3. love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  4. Oh my god,Me encanta el pelo rosa,super atrevido pero increible!
    Buen blog,Te espero en y espero que te guste :)
    Un beso desde las Islas Canarias.

  5. Happy New Year!!!!
    I really like this type of Outfit Collection...


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