Tuesday, January 1, 2013

this will be our year

(the 1, the 1st, the beginning of a new year.) 

(thrifted items today, many stores had half of items for a new year's day sale.) 

(new year's eve attire + a winter coat.)

  happy new year to each and every one of the readers of my blog! 
   although i have only been taking this blog seriously over the past few months, it has really become a "big" part of my daily life (and it is such a fun thing!). i have thought about the changes i want to make in 2013, and i wanted to share with everyone the new, monthly columns i will be featuring here: 
  • a vegan baking recipe
  • a picture an hour (of my day) 
  • introduction of new (large space) sponsors
  • instagram update (yes, i have jumped on the train quite late.)

readers, what would you like to see more of/less of? and, what are some of your new year's goals/resolutions? 


  1. Awesome goals for the year. I posted mine yesterday. I chose to go the fun, no pressure route rather than the big, daunting route. I'm terrible at following through on New Year's Resolutions, so I thought it would be better to pick things I REALLY want to do, so when January 1, 2014 rolls around, there will be ZERO guilt. :)

    Happy New Year.

  2. I've been following you on instagram and am so happy to have found your blog! xo

  3. happy new year too dear :) wish you goals will come true!and your outfit is lovely as usual.

  4. Lovely clothes www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.com

  5. yes! awesome new year's resolutions! :-)
    happy new year Lindsey Louise!

  6. Great style! A true fashionista! ^_^
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Following your blog now. Hoping you'll follow mine too! :)

  7. Girl you are ROCKING that dress. Eek! I love it.

  8. What great goals! And I love that gold dress!

  9. Happy new year and thank you for visiting my blog...!
    I've been reading yours and it's lovely and following you now! <3

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  10. I absolutely love this post! And it's true, this will be our year ;)
    xo TJ

  11. gorgeous blog!! this post is soo sweet
    good luck for 2013 :)
    A http://www.youngeyesoffashion.blogspot.co.uk/


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