Sunday, December 30, 2012

a year in review: 2012

(first post, exploring fancy houses around kansas city) 

(liberty memorial in the summer, best views of the city.) 

(the renaissance festival in the early fall.) 

(unity village, grabbing items from the "give n' get".) 

(playing dress-up on halloween, as madeline.) 

(day trip, adventuring around central missouri.) 

 (missouri town, 1855.) 

(kansas city zoo trips and picnics in the heat of summer.) 

(thrift store shopping and adventuring in small towns.) 

(my neighborhood, getting coffee with friends, and street art.) 

(antiquing in the west bottoms, and views from case park.) 

(yearly art fair on the country club plaza.) 

(sunday shopping and outings on my boyfriend and i's day off.) 

   as the year of 2012 is approaching the end of it's time, i decided to share my favorite outfits/posts of the year. this is my first year blogging (actually has not even been a full year!) and these were my most-liked updates so far. it has been a wonderful and exciting experience blogging. i have only recently, since september  been taking this blog seriously. i had a few updates from earlier this year, but i have only shortly been updating frequently  many things are still new to me! it has really been an overwhelming feeling of the amount of feedback my blog has received since i began. 
   i have been planning many new columns to feature on "hello, mr. rabbit" in 2013. i am collaborating with many different types of bloggers and small businesses, and i can't wait to share. i am looking forward to continuing my blogging experience! 
   readers, don't forget to enter my holiday giveaway, for a chance to have me ship you some very cute items! (here!)


  1. loving it! :-)
    and loving the new banner too! so sweet!
    happy new year!!! :-)

  2. sweet, inspiring outfits! Lookin forward to see more in 2013, happy new year!

  3. awn thank u sweetie, and its my favorite too!
    the 11th look is my ultimate favorite, its so cute, lovely, adorable, sweet, everything ahah!

    have a awesome good new year too ♡ ♡

    much love,

  4. The "renaissance festival" picture is the best!
    Just dropped by to wish you a Happy new year.
    Coco et La vie en rose

  5. happy new year to you, with the most adorable outfits! :)

  6. Happy new year! Just found your blog - you are so inspiring! The way you accessorise your short hair is fab! I have a pixie myself so I appreciate hats/turban/scarves as much as you do!


  7. I love your recap- so many great outfits in there :) Happy new year!


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