Thursday, February 7, 2013

inspirational people: vol. 1

   It is my pleasure to introduce a new monthly (possibly twice a month with the amount of responses I have received back!) column on my blog: "inspirational people". I will be interviewing everyday people that inspire me; could include personal style, photography, career, lifestyle, etc. I wanted to share with all my readers people I know through the blogging world, and personal, that inspire some short of my being. It is also very interesting and grand to hear what they have to say back. Stay tuned for most of these posts! 

   My first interview wad with Katie from "Butterfly Loves Snapdragons". I found her blog about a month ago and was head over heels inspired by her personal sense of style. (which she decirbes in one word eclectic) I know this sounds strange, but it really takes quite a bit for a individual's style to inspire me (besides just liking the items they are wearing... I mean actually inspire me). Katie's outfits have been inspiring me since my first glance at her blog.
   She grew up in South Dakota  in a small town. She is a homebody by nature, and prefers a quiet evening indoors with board games.. and hot chocolate over almost anything else. She also teachers at an afterschool program with children grades K-5.

   Have you always been interested in personal style? "Indeed I have. I have always worn clothing of a more mature nature than my peers. In high school I wore news anchor blazers and debate shoes-no flimsy tween clothing for me! I was obsessed with the show What Not to Wear which meant that I got my inspiration from middle aged women who needed to be pulled out of the 80's and into the present day.  When I began participating in theater my love of vintage clothing grew because I was always cast as the young love interest who got to wear pretty 1940's dresses and red lipstick. I felt fabulous in those getups and that's what really sparked my love of clothing from bygone days."

   What is your favorite type of item to wear? Favorite fabric? "Shoes. I am obsessed with shoes. I have a ridiculous amount and my collection continues to grow. When I find a pair at the thrift store I feel as though I have to snap them up before they are out of my grasp forever! I feel that shoes have the biggest potential to change the feeling of an ensemble. A simple white tee and jeans looks one way with vintage oxfords, and quite another with studded 6 inch heels. The shoes make the outfit. As for clothing, my favorite fabric is probably silk. I have a few vintage silk scarves and dresses and they just make me feel good when I wear them. The fabric flows nicely and adds a touch of decadence as well."

   How has blogging changed the way you both outfits together? (or not!) Also, what inspired you to start blogging? "I had no idea what a fashion blog was until my junior year of college when my sister sent me a link to one. Immediately I was hooked and I kept the blogs up in my  browser tabs for constant inspiration. I have always loved clothing, but high school and college do funny things to one's fashion sense. One has the urge to wear sweatpants every day. I knew I needed inspiration to wear  the clothing that was being held captive in my closet and so I started my blog as a way to get more use out of what I already had. My style has changed enormously since then. I get quite embarrassed when looking through my archives from the early days. I have done a lot of work to build a closet full of clothing that is versatile, but fun; ecological, and economical. Since starting the blog, getting dressed is no longer a chore-but a joy and a way to inject creativity into my day!"

   Where do you normally look for all of your lovely vintage pieces? A favorite spot? "I do have a few favorite thrift haunts that I visit on a regular basis. Since moving to a bigger town I've had more luck finding a plethora of items to call my own. I like thrift stores that donate to the community. It eases the guilt of shopping when I know that what I'm buying will help out a great cause! I love a store here called Y's Buys that is run by our local YMCA. I also have procured many vintage items from my family as well as friends who have old items from their family and didn't know what to do with them. I will gladly  take them off of their hands!"

   Where do you draw your style inspirations from? A certain era? "I draw my inspirations from many sources. Mainly from other people in various ways. I read a lot of blogs-personal and street style. I look for pieces that I have in my closet and see if there are ways I can recreate that look in my own way, adding my own personal touches. There are certain era's which I love. I would love to pick a certain decade and just wear that every day (hello 1930's and 40's!) but it really can be difficult to find pieces from those time periods. Most of the vintage I wear seems to be from the 1950's and beyond. I gain a lot of inspiration from my grandmother. I have many of her pieces and it is such a joy to look through old photo albums and see her wearing the same garments that I now proudly show off on a daily basis!"

Read more about Katie and discover more of her charming personality  and vintage style at her blog, here.


  1. Her hat collection alone is making me swoon!

    I love this new series!

  2. I love Katie, she has the most amazing style :)

  3. Wow!!Pictures are lovely!!I invite you to my blog.what about to follow each other?

  4. i like ur style so interesting!
    have a good day

  5. I love this series! Katie is an amazing first choice and loved reading more about her! I never knew she started loving vintage from doing plays, so cool! Happy Friday thanks for sharing!
    xo Hannah

  6. Katie's blog is one of my favorites! This was a fun read!

  7. Not only do I love the idea of this series, but I love that you started it off with Katie! I'll never get over how lovely her style is and how sweet she is as a person. This was such a great interview to read!

  8. katie always has the most amazing vintage pieces & is SUCH a sweetie. her style is so perfectly vintage but so well put together too, i def wouldnt call her eclectic haha but love her desciptions. so fun how she became interested in person style in hs!

  9. I just love Katie and her style; she is such a doll! Thanks for such a great interview. :)


  10. This was really fun to read! I love Katie and it was fun to hear her thoughts on blogging.


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