Tuesday, February 5, 2013

invented worlds

(vintage postcard of the "Royal Exchange" in London.)

(beach-side couple.. washi tape from hanging it on my window.) 

(Garden of the Gods envelope.)

(gentleman standing outside of the Nelson.) 

(dress: given to by a friend, sweater: given to by my mom, hat: thrifted, tights: target, belt: j.c.p, loafers: thrifted.)

   Tuesday is one of those days where I just want to wrap up in a fluffy blanket, listen to Edith Piaf, watch more Downton Abbey, and eat a giant helping of sweet potato chips. Although my schedule would never allow that to happen. I am always the student that is bombarded with assignments that were "talked about in class" two weeks ago, written in planner, forget to check until two days before. Yes, that is Tuesday for me. (And Wednesday. Actually mostly Wednesday because I always find ways to procrastinate).
  Speaking of procrastination, I finally set up my printer this evening and used it to scan in many little things I have purchased recently. I was so excited to share, and many more to come. Instead of clothing pieces, I have a new and recent obsession with vintage postcards and photographs. My favorite find was the photograph of the man standing in front of the Nelson, which I visit quite frequently (here and here, on blog). Yay for new collecting that does not require needing a third closet! (Yes, I have two closets. Sigh.)


  1. I want a Tuesday like that as well. I just got Season 3 of Downton today, and i just wanna watch it all... but TOO MUCH WORK TO BE DONE.:(
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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  2. Oooo that dress! What a lovely print and color combination. You look so cozy/vintage/chic. I love the vintage pictures. They are wonderful :)

  3. that's a great new obsession, I must say! I love vintage photographs and postcards! that reminds me that I haven't been to the flea market hunting for those for a while now - I should go back there soon! :-)
    also, I absolutely love Downtown Abbey and any other series, films and books about manor houses and the 18th/19th century - that's an obsession of mine too! ;-)

  4. you look so pretty! love your look!



  5. what a pretty dress <3 I love vintage post cards too, I always love wondering who bought it, who read it and all about their lives! xx

  6. i love your dress, it's beautiful <3


  8. The vintage photographs are fantastic, and I love that first postcard. Lovely dress! And you're rocking that hat :)

  9. That beach couple photograph is absolutely stunning!! If only photographs could still look like this! ;)
    xo TJ

  10. awn thank you soooooo much lindsey! really, you made me smile so big, thank you! and i'm glad you liked it, i always like yours too, believe me. and you're always so adorable and cute, and you have a lovely style!
    much love, sofia xx

  11. I really like this dress, the pleats and buttons on it are so pretty! And that vintage photo of the beachside couple is just darling!

  12. Your dress is super cute and I love those pictures and postcards! I love old postcards in general. They have so many stories to tell :)


  13. the parsley print dress looks awesome, and love the colors too!

  14. You are just the cutest person. you look like you came right out of a storybook. You need to be in a movie or something :)

  15. Your style is just so so adorable!! Lovely!!


  16. wow you look GORGEOUS in this dress!! it fits you so amazingly and the hat is the perfect touch. i've still never even a preview of downtown abby but hearing so much i'll have to try.

  17. I love how this outfit is so simple, yet so beautiful! The pattern of the dress is great. :)

    I love finding old photographs or postcards. They give you a glimpse into a stranger's life from long ago, which I find very interesting and neat. I love finding little connections to the past and the people in it.


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