Friday, March 29, 2013

made at home: apple stamped skirt

   Stamping with fruits and veggies is hands down my favorite easy crafting thing. I love being able to pull out things from my kitchen and use them fabric, paper,  or anything else. The skirt that I stamped on was a very basic, and bland piece I got from a clothing swap, that I thought I needed to "jazz" up for spring. 

(I used the potato for another stamping project for myself!) 

Items you will need:
  • an apple, sliced in half
  • fabric paint (I used Speedball)
  • a thick paintbrush (or two)
  • newspaper/cardboard 

   I would strongly advise creating this on a non-carpet flooring (I dropped on paint on the carpet.. you get the picture!) I would also recommend to place cardboard in between the layers of clothing (as I only did on the second layer, mistakes make me learn for next time though!) I also let the first side of the skirt I stamped on dry overnight, then stamped the other side. Then, after all of the fabric paint is dry, iron on low heat!

   I hope everyone enjoyed this diy, and it has inspired you to create something of your own this weekend! Even the most simplest of projects can be the most fun. I am rather excited to wear this skirt more in the spring.
   Another announcement I decided I am going to do a "question and answer" video blog post during the upcoming week! My question for you, is what questions do you have for me? Feel free to leave your questions below in comments or send me an email: hellomrrabbitblog (at) gmail (dot) com. 


  1. so cute! What a wonderful idea! reminds me of being a kid.

  2. This is way cute! I bet it was fun to make.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  3. Great idea, it looks so pretty:) x

  4. What an amazing skirt, you're so clever! Looks lovely!

  5. Oh snap! That's such a cute way to spice up an old skirt... I love it! It would be the perfect art teacher skirt, hehe.

    && I agree with your comment--it's important to be honest! And well, it can be hard to open up at first, but I feel like it really does help you connect better with people. You're totally right about that. :) <33

  6. Soo cute!! What a great idea!
    My question for your q&a is: what made you go vegan and what's your fav vegan book?

  7. wow! i adore your photos! it's love at first sight for me and this blog. :)


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