Saturday, March 2, 2013

a photo an hour: march

 8-9am: wake up, drink morning coffee with my boyfriend before parting ways, mosey around while finishing half the pot. 

 10-11am: meet up with a friend at One More Cup in Waldo, drink my Chai latte rather quickly (because it was so grand), catching up chats. 

 12-1pm: paint nails with a cheap (but lovely color) of polish, eat a lunch including of a "ham" bagel sandwich and banana. 

 2pm: tidy up around home, hung my rose from Valentine's Day on my wall of my bedroom. 

3pm: walks around the Country Club Plaza. 

4pm: a soy vanilla latte from Latte Land, and a pink beret find at H&M

5pm: come home to our new roommate moving in (his mirror on the front porch). 

6pm: evening homework studies, and warm Earl Gray to help keep focus. 

7pm: introducing Jeff into our home. (my roommates cat). 

   As you can see, most of my Saturday revolved around lattes, home things, and more lattes. In between all of these activities  I mostly spent my time doing some readings and essays for multiple classes (of which I have much more to do tomorrow).. the joy of midterms right around the corner! I rather enjoy the Saturdays that can be spent doing things I need to do, and others that are for no propose at all. 
   I believe, with the rest of my evening (see, I stopped at 7pm! and no, I am not ending my day quite yet) we are having a few friends over for some drinks and end the day on a good note. I hope all readers had a wonderful Saturday, enjoy the rest of the weekend as well. 


  1. You are so so cute!
    This seems like the perfect day.
    That looks just like my sister's cat Freddy!

  2. lovely post! i really like your pictures :)
    i used to paint my nails with wet and wild polishes hehe, lovely colors.

  3. my cat's name is Jeff ^^
    I love your new pink beret! very adorable~

  4. anytime you get to have so many cups of coffee/tea, it must be a good day. :)

  5. This "a photo an hour" is such a lovely idea <3
    It looks to me like you had the perfect day :)

  6. This is so great! I need to try this one day! Looks like you had a lovely day!

  7. hello! firstly, i didn't realise i wasn't following your blog yet, i am now :)
    i haven't been using my blog for a while...
    and i love these photos, it's so interesting seeing photos through someones day.
    i hope you're having a great weekend :)

  8. This is such a nice idea! x

  9. Love the neutrals of your outfit, and the scarf is a really nice touch. Also loving the beret you got! :)

  10. Hi this is a lovely blog honey I think we should follow on GFC and Bloglovin? what do you think?
    let me know I'll follow back for sure
    New post is up on my blog you should have a look :)


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