Sunday, March 3, 2013

only the young

 (can you say photobombed?) 

 (no, the cat was not dropped from the second story! my boyfriend took this photo, thought it was too silly not to post.) 

 (home-cooked dinner of pasta with kale and tomato basil sauce, with garlic bread.) 

(sweater: from a friend, vest: american apparel, tights: target, blouse/belt/skirt/socks/loafers: thrifted.) 

   Whew, where did this weekend go? (thanks copious amounts of homework!) I do not know whether to say this Sunday was a short Sunday because I slept in, or a long Sunday because I really did not do much outside of my own home. There have been two new additions to my home, and has occupied some of our time getting our cats used to having the others around. Let's just say I am over dramatic when introducing cats, because I tend to always feel like my cats are babies and the new cat is much larger (kitty mama problems). 
   I spent most of my Sunday lounging and doing homework, along with a quick trip to Target and Trader Joe's.  As some readers may know, I am not the best of cooks, and usually my boyfriend cooks for me. I have decided awhile ago that I need to sharpen up my skills and learn for myself. I was rather proud of the meal I made myself foe dinner today, which is a good enough accomplishment for me on my list... and a good way to procrastinate from essays.


  1. Haha. I love the picture of the cat! I almost bought a skirt like yours the other day but then I somehow didn't cause I thought I might look too old. But when I see it on you I really like it and it does not look too old at all!


  2. That cat is hilarious. I love it!!
    You look so pretty. I like your tights. You are too cute.

  3. You look too cute! Love your skirt so much. And your cut is hilarious! haha. :)


  4. Bahaha, poor kitty :D
    Wow, the loafers with the cute socks look awesome. Love the school girl vibe to your outfit :)

  5. You look so lovely! That pic of the Kitty just made my day, cute :D

  6. hahahaha so funny the cat and the window!

  7. Oh my gosh I love that cat picture, haha. Good on you for cooking yourself, what you made looks pretty nice!

  8. aww your kitty <3 <3 love the outfit- the socks and tights look great. x

  9. Lovely photos, I adore your tights! I must say I was a bit concerned fr kitty, glad to hear he's ok. May I ask what sort if kale your eating? I've bought baby kale in the grocery store but am looking for that specific kind.

  10. That photo of you two is adorable! Loving your outfit as always, and your meal looks delicious too!

    <3 Megan

  11. You're so adorable!! ^^
    I love your cat!


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