Saturday, March 16, 2013

java jive

(just me.. being an airplane.) 
(cardigan/blouse/loafers: thrifted, dress: from kiddo tv, message bag: from sarah, tights/socks: target.) 

   You know that you went to a coffee tour when you had an extreme "coffee crash" (caffeine crash) and came home and passed out for over two hours. Yes, that happened to me this afternoon after a private origin taste testing at The Roasterie, here in Kansas City. Combined with my morning coffee, my post-morning latte, and the many mini-tasting cups at the plant, this was an overload for me and as of today I know my caffeine limit! Let's just say I'll skip a few cups next time I take a class from them.
           The Roasterie is a very well-known coffee roasting company here in the city of fountains. I have toured their plant twice, so today was an extra special treat to have a private class on tasting and the discussion of origins. The classes and the tours are free, so I highly recommend visiting their plant and scheduling one for the next time you are around. Our time spent there was mostly asking various questions about coffee and coffee beans, in which the head baristas kindly answered our "not-so-coffee-knowledgeable" ones. (ex: "so light roast is just roasted for less time, right?!"). They also has two locations of cafes among the city, and the roasting plant has one inside too. I have been using their beans at home for years, I suggest trying some out in your own home too! 

   I have also entered a photo competition on The Roasterie's website, for a chance to win a trip to Costa Rica! I would love, if you had the time, to submit a vote for my photo!  


  1. This sounds very interesting. I wish I can go to a coffee tour too someday. And I love your cardi and bag! <3


  2. I love it, your posts are so inspiring <3

    Love, B

  3. That cardi is spectacular! And I would live in that roasterie!!
    Lots of love
    ps. don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin

  4. Oh wow - so lovely yellow tones!!

  5. Oh I love coffee and airplanes and that bright green color on the wall! This place is definitely someplace I'd love to visit~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  6. I'm absolutely addicted to coffee. I love it. I'm also a vegetarian and noted on your profile that you are vegan, so if you recommend a cafe I'm sure it's a good one! I love the photos and your outfit. It's cute.

    Have a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  7. You look so cute in all the photos! The coffee place looks so cool too. :)

  8. That coffee shop looks great, love your photos too!

    Ali of

  9. I love your outfit! So, so cute.

  10. I remeber my first caffeine crash and it wasn't very nice I have to admit... it was when I tried this fancy drink in China which was Coke and coffee mixed together. Whatever, since then I am very careful not to drink more then two cups a day ;)
    Your outfit is super cute!

  11. Thank you for the tour of your tour. Let us know when the photo is up so we can vote for it.


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