Tuesday, March 19, 2013

pigment sticks

(the other items that I dyed, along with a towel.) 

(Coffee Ale, that was released today in places around Kansas City.) 

(sleepy kitty snuggling with a Hello Kitty stuffed animal my boyfriend won for me from a claw machine today.) 

(sweater: from my mom's closet, vest/blouse/skirt/loafers: thrifted, tights: target, socks: forever 21.) 

   I do not believe I have ever been as pleased with a "do-it-yourself" sort of project as when I used this dye. I have "tea-dyed" many pieces of my clothing before, but never with color dye. I purchased this Tintex dye from Re-Run's Vintage Warehouse for a dollar, and was a bit uneasy at first about the power dye. I waited for a warmer day, during my spring break, to use this dye on a few articles of clothing that had been stained or tinted pink from washing with red items. The dying was an extremely simple process (just add the power in very warm water, stir, let sit, wash dye out, hang to dry, then iron/wash.) and the results of the color were wonderful. The socks and the tights were by far my favorites. 
   I am feeling the "after spring-break nervous about grades/midterms/etc" student vibe currently. This is normally the time in which I start to "buckle down" with my college life. These factors usually cause me to drink much more coffee (second pot today, in fact), sleep considerably less, and stress much more. At these times, I always keep in mind that having stress and deadlines is not a bad thing, but more of a way to keep me on track and focused... along with watching education documentaries that remind me of my purpose of all the homework and readings I have to endure. 


  1. The outfit you're wearing is so cute! I love the vest and skirt pairing (and the tights!!). And the picture of the kitty snuggling with Hello Kitty is too precious! I gasped out loud! :)

    xox Sammi

  2. those tights turned out really well!! dyeing stuff is awesome :)


  3. Oh dear, stress is never good. At least it wasn't for me, the only motivation I had to do my crappy projects and homework was the thought that SOMEDAY I'll finally graduate :D
    The DIY projects are awesome, great job!!!

  4. I love wearing button up shirts under dresses! Yours is so cute :)


  5. I love your outfit - the socks and tights did turn out great!

    Your kitty is too cute snuggling with the Hello Kitty!! I want to snuggle with your kitty!

  6. I know that it seems like your plate is really full - but take it from someone who was in grad school not too long ago - being a full-time student is hard, but you also have a bit more freedom then when you buckle down with your full-time gig. :) So, enjoy it, or try to as much as you can! I really miss being in school sometimes...but I guess the grass is always greener, eh? :) Also, lovely job on the dye! I want to try this now! :) xoxo

  7. Aw Lindsey - all of your posts and outfits look like they came straight out of a storybook :-) I love this outfit and I love the dye job on your socks and tights. I actually have a packet of Rit pink dye that has been sitting in my drawer for a year b/c I'm so nervous about using it....hmm, perhaps I should take the plunge after all.

    Happy spring!

    xo Marisa

  8. good luck with your studies!!! i love how this color turned out :) goes w/ your tights today :D xoRach

  9. I hate those end of the quarter jitters! That's when I try to do a lot of crafty stuff to help calm my nerves and take my mind of school a little bit. I love the tights, they look great!

  10. I know what you mean about the "after spring break buckle down," haha. Luckily it's my spring break is this week! I won't even think about worrying about that right now.
    You blog and this outfit is darling~ I'm a new follower


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