Thursday, March 7, 2013

telegraph road

(sweater: mom's closet, dress: re-run's vintage, tights: target, flower headband: shabby apple bag: from sarah, coat/belt/socks/loafers: thrifted.) 

   As the count down for Spring begins, I am more inclined to wonder on my breaks between my daily activities. Winter is a bittersweet time, and seems to be fulled with the ideas of indoor happenings though. As many of you readers might know, I am constant on my belief of always being outdoors when possible. As hopefully planned, my boyfriend and I plan to start a garden in our backyard, to grow fresh produce we can use in our kitchen. This Spring is going to bring great things. 
   As I mentioned in my last post, I do not have the financial ability to travel on my Spring break. I am trying to think of projects to do, seeming as I will actually have time on my hands for once. I was planning on sewing a new dress for a Spring day, and possibly learn how to edit videos I can make with my camera. Readers, what are your projects currently? I am hoping to be inspired by yours!


  1. I never did travel on spring breaks-unless you count driving home to my parents' house! haha. I think my projects as of late have been baking with recipes that use more natural ingredients, and I really want to read an actual novel again soon. I've missed books :) What a lovely dress too! I don't have nearly enough plaid in my life, I can tell you that much. I love that you always wear the cutest socks with your ensembles!

  2. I love your dress!!!


  3. I really like the scenery and your outfit! :D

    anyway im following you now, if you like my blog you can check it out <3

  4. I really never traveled on spring break either - unless it was with my family. I don't know, I guess I found the whole going to the party-crowd ridden beach during that week a little overrated. Right now my current project is planning a bridal shower for my best friend - I think that will keep me quite busy.

    I love your dress and all the layers. The white on white socks and tights are so darling :-)

    xo Marisa

  5. I never really had spring break myself - the way our school was structued we worked up until school started again (interns required by the school - it was a good thing) Anyhow - I saw find something new locally or go on a local photo journey! I love this location your at - what a cool startue and view of the city. And your White on white is so cool - I can never get knee high to look right on me :(

  6. i really love the way you layered here. super cute, missy.


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