Wednesday, March 6, 2013

inspirational people: vol 2. (beth retro)

   Hello everyone! I couldn't be more pleased to present March's interview fo my "Inspirational People" column,  Beth from Beth Retro Photography. I was drawn to her photograph when I first saw it on a various tumblr, then later to find her blog to realize that was her shot. Excited to finally find the creater behind this snapshot, I was finding myself scrolling rapidly through her flickr and instagram daily for photo-inspiration and a softness feel for the day. 

   Tell us a little more about yourself. "I'm Beth. I live in England with my husband and our cat, Jazz.  I work as a freelance photographer and get involved in a wide variety of projects. I do a lot of work for companies, supplying images for multiple uses. I also sell my photos as art prints. I'm an artistic photographer and for me it's about art rather than covering events and reflecting life."

   What do you usually shoot with? "I use a Canon 500d and usually the 50mm 1.8 lens."

   How would you describe your style? "I tend to say 'dreamy with a retro kick' and I think that's accurate. I've never wanted to limit myself to any single style because it's something that can (and should) naturally change with time."

   When did you develop your love for photography? "I've always felt drawn to Photography but it wasn't until after I finished studying for my Literature degree at university that I fell properly in love with it. I got a new camera around that time and started taking pictures in a different, more dreamy way." 

   Who are some of your favorite photographers? "My favourite photographer is Tim Walker. I love his style and creativity and the way he works fairytale and magic into his pictures."  

   What are you thoughts on film vs. digital? "I really love the look of film photography and I'd like to experiment with it more. It has a great appeal to me because I love the retro style and the appearance of film can really enhance that."

(all photography credit goes to Beth Retro.) 

   How long have you been blogging? "I have a blog for my photography at I'm not a blogger as such though and really I use it as an extension of Flickr and as a different way to share my photos. I've had a few blogs over the years but the current one has only been active since the middle of 2012. I just want it to reflect my photography."

   Advice for aspiring photographers? "I would say, above all, photograph what you're passionate about. And enjoy it!" 

Find more of Beth Retro Phtography on her blog and flickr.


  1. I love her style its different from what I've seen, beautiful!

  2. i can proudly say she's my best friend, in real life and the most wonderful and dreamy photographer my eyes have seen, i love her style and talent!

    nice post lindsey :)

  3. I didn't know she but what a beautiful pics!

  4. Beautiful photographs, thanks for sharing! I feel so inspired now <3

  5. Thank you for this post love :) x


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